Combination graph

The Combination graph enables you to assemble multiple saved Keynote graphs on one page. Combination graphs are quickly accessible from the Home dashboard.

The saved graphs may be Performance Trend, Agent, Market, or Carrier graphs, or any combination of these types. Other graph types may not be included in a Combination graph.

To set up Combination graphs, select  > Combination graphs .

Setting up a combination graph

  1. Create one or more graphs you want included in the Combination graph (use Current chart data to create graphs).

  2. Save each graph definition with a unique name.

  3. On the > Combination graphs page, click Add New Graph in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Create a title for the new graph. Then select the saved graphs to be included in the new Combination graph.

  5. Provide a name for the new Combination graph and click Next .

The Combination graph you have created will be available from the Home dashboard if you have opted to include the Combination Graphs widget.