Dashboard views—List, Grid, and Map—use critical and warning thresholds to flag the status for response time and availability of each measurement by color:

  • Green for measurements that have not crossed the warning threshold
  • Yellow for measurements that have crossed the warning threshold but not the critical threshold
  • Red for measurements that have crossed the critical threshold

The colors shown reflect the status of the measurement for the time period shown.

The warning and critical thresholds used by the Dashboards can be set in two ways:

  • Based on Alarm settings —If alarms have been configured for a measurement, then alarm thresholds will be used for cell coloring in dashboards. If multiple alarms are set, you can choose one for each measurement to be used for dashboard thresholds. This method provides most flexibility.

    If multiple alarms have been set up for a measurement, dashboards will use the strictest of those alarm thresholds. That is, it will use the threshold with the lowest download time or the highest availability percentage.

    You can also manually set one each of your performance and availability alarms to be used for dashboard thresholds.

  • Based on Global Threshold settings —You can set global thresholds for some or all of your measurements without setting up alarms using the Global Threshold page.