Keynote data retention policies

The MyKeynote portal provides online access to your performance data for up to two years.  The table below displays the retention periods for different levels of measurement detail.


  • Current chart data
    • Page performance - 6 weeks
    • Page element performance -  37 days
    • Page, Diagnostic detail - 14 days
  • Historical chart data
    • Page performance daily average - 2 years


  • Alarm Log
    • Alert details - 14 days

Page Performance - Individual data points are available for 6 weeks.

  • One data point per page per measurement
  • This is combined performance of basepage and all elements for NCDS,* WCT,* CWoE.*
  • This is performance of basepage for BPDO.*
  • Benefit: Allows reporting of page performance for each visit any time in the prior six weeks.

Page Element Performance - Individual data points are available for 37 days.

  • One data point per page element per measurement
  • Stored for all WCT measurements
  • Stored for CWoE measurements only where an error was detected
  • Never stored for NCDS or BPDO measurements
  • Benefit: Allows you to report and drill into a full month’s performance data all the way to the individual page element level, for up to 7 days beyond that month.

Page Diagnostic Detail is kept for 14 days.

  • One rich data object for each screen capture, HTML capture, HTTP header capture
  • Stored for WCT and CWoE measurements where an error was detected.
  • Benefit: Allows up to two weeks to look into enhanced diagnostic data to determine "what happened" after an incident.

Page Performance Daily Average is available for 2 years.

  • One data point per day, per page monitored

If you have need to keep Keynote data for longer periods of time, Keynote’s DataFeed product allows bulk download and offline storage of your measurement data within your own infrastructure. DataFeed may be retrieved up to one week after measurements are taken. Please discuss your needs with a Keynote solutions consultant.

*BPDO = Base Page Download Only

*NCDS = No Content Detail Stored

*CWoE = Content Waterfall on Error

*WCT = Web Content Trending