You can perform several diagnostics of any website from dedicated diagnostic computers running in any of the Keynote measurement locations.

The diagnostics available are:

Ping An acronym for Packet INternet Groper, this test lets you check whether a particular computer is connected to the Internet by sending a packet to its IP address and waiting for a response.
NS Lookup A short for N ame Server lookup, this diagnostic test enables you to look up a hostname for an IP address, or vice versa.
Traceroute A utility that traces a packet from a computer to an Internet host, showing how many hops the packet requires to reach the host and how long each hop takes
Instant Test A Keynote diagnostic tool that does an Instant test of a page, including component measurement details (see below)
ApP Instant A special version of Instant Measurement for Application Perspective measurements (see below)
TxP Instant A special version of Instant Measurement for Transaction Perspective measurements (see below)
Private Agent Capacity Generate reports showing the utilization of your Keynote private agents (see below).

To perform a diagnostic test

Select URL. Enter the complete URL in the URL field, or make a selection from the Choose an Alias field.


For ping and NS Lookup, only the host or IP portion of the URL is processed.

Select Diagnostic type. Select Ping, NS Lookup, Traceroute, TCP Tracerioute, or Instant Measurement. (For the first three, you can include most of the standard NT command line switches to access specific diagnostic features.)

Choose the Agent(s). From the Agent list, choose the agent for which you want a measurement. If you subscribe to the Advanced Diagnostic service, you can select multiple agents by holding down the CTRL key while making selections.

  • If you're doing an Instant Measurement, choose the type of page you want to check by selecting Benchmark Page or Full Page.
  • To specify that you want to measure dynamically generated pages, not cached pages, select Use Pragma No-Cache Header.

Choose display method and perform diagnostic. Select Cascade or Tile. (If you do not subscribe to the premium Diagnostic Perspective service, select Normal or Full Screen.)

To view the data, click Perform Diagnostics.

About Instant tests

The > Instant test feature provides a snapshot of web page performance, including detailed measurements of the download time for each component. It lists any errors encountered, so an Instant test can quickly show you the source of content errors. Instant tests can also be useful if Keynote data shows a problem with specific agents, and you want to check those agents to see if the problem persists.

Type of measurement Use this Instant test service:
Transaction Perspective Use New MyKeynote Instant Measurement. Supply URL; individual page measurements are provided, not transaction-based. Application Perspective agent is used.
Application Perspective single-page Use New MyKeynote Instant Measurement for individual page measurements. Your ApP single-page measurements may be selected from a drop-down list, or URLs may be manually entered.
Application Perspective multi-page Use New MyKeynote ApP Instant for multi-page measurements using Application Perspective agent.

Private Keynote agents cannot perform Instant tests.

Viewing component information

MyKeynote gives you several methods of viewing information about the components of the page you are doing an Instant test of.

Mouseover: Move your mouse over the graph bar in the Instant test report for the component you're interested in to get basic information about the component, as shown below.

Click the component name or graph bar: Click the graph bar for the component, or its name in the graph or the table to get complete information about it, including a graphic display, if appropriate.


If a component takes less than .01 second to download, it will not appear in the Instant test bar graph, and you will not be able to click the component URL to the left of the bar graph for more information. You will, however, be able to click the component in the table below the bar graph to see it.

For a description of page components measured by Instant tests, see Measured Components.

Tear or post Instant test

You can save the results of an Instant test in two ways:

  • Tear: Open a new window containing the Instant test. You can then save the page with its graphics as an HTML (with graphics) or Web archive file (.mht).
  • Post: Post your Instant test to be saved on a Keynote Web server for later viewing. The Instant test will be available for one week.

ApP Instant

ApP Instant is a special version of the Instant test diagnostic specifically for Application Perspective measurements. ApP Instant provides a performance snapshot of each action in a multi-page Application Perspective transaction. (ApP Instant can only measure Application Perspective multi-page measurements, not Transaction Perspective measurements, or Application Perspective single-page measurements.)

To perform an ApP Instant test:

  1. Select the ApP Instant tab.
  2. Choose from the list of your ApP multi-page tests.
  3. Choose one of the available agents.
  4. Click the Run Test button.

TxP Instant

TxP Instant is a special version of the Instant test diagnostic specifically for Transaction Perspective measurements. TxP Instant provides a performance snapshot of each action in a TxP transaction.

To perform a TxP Instant test:

  1. Select the TxP Instant tab.
  2. Choose from the list of your TxP multi-page transactions.
  3. Choose one of the available agents.
  4. Click the Run Test button.