Transaction error graph help

The Transaction Error graphs shows aggregated error measurements for each transaction you have selected on the Graphs page.

Transaction Error Graph


If you have more than one Transaction URL or index selected on the Graph page, only the first one's data will initially be displayed. To display Transaction Errors for additional Transaction URLs or indexes, click the Transaction drop-down in the Change Graph Selection Criteria area.

Actions for this graph

The Actions menu at the top right of the Transaction Error graph provides access to several tools to help make use of the graph and its underlying data.

See Chart Actions for information about graph page controls that you can use to save graphs, download data, and refresh the graph.

Summary table

MyKeynote displays a table below the Transaction Error graph that shows the numerical values used to create the graph.

Change graph selection criteria

You can change the graph selection criteria, for example by specifying individual transaction errors you are interested in, or generate a different type of graph for this data set by using the controls beneath the Transaction Error graph. You can use the "Categorize based on" drop down to specify the data that is displayed in the second graph on the page, and in the following tables.

You can switch from a transaction error view to a transaction component view by clicking the Get Page Component Data button. Before you view page component data, you can select which components you want to view. You can also select the specific errors you want to display in the Transaction Error Graph, or use the default setting, All Errors.

The second graph shows the transaction error information organized by Agent, Backbone, City, Country, Region, or Time History. You use the Categorize based on drop-down list above this graph to determine which view to show. The table below this graph provides detailed transaction error information for the current graph view; for example, if you are showing transaction error information categorized by time history in the graph, the accompanying table shows detailed transaction error information for appropriate time ranges.

Error Code Listing