Dialup error graph help

This page contains two graphs and two accompanying tables that help you analyze Web-site errors that are reported from Web Site Perspective Consumer Edition measurements.

The first graph is a high-level summary graph, showing error measurements by category. This is a stacked bar chart that shows component data for each URL.

A key showing the meaning of the color bars in the graph can be found at the right of the graph.

The table below the summary graph presents numerical data corresponding to the graph, with additional information about the number of downloads and the number of bytes downloaded.

Change graph selection criteria

You can change the graph selection criteria, for example by specifying individual errors you're interested in, or generate a different type of graph for this data set by using the controls beneath the summary Dialup Error graph.

The second graph on the page shows the error information organized by Agent, City, Country, ISP, Region, or Time History. (By default, the graph is organized by Agent.) You use the Categorize based on drop-down list above this graph to determine which view to show. The table below this graph provides detailed error information for the current graph view. For example, if you are showing error information categorized by time history in the graph, the accompanying table shows detailed component information broken down into appropriate time ranges.

See Chart Actions for information about graph page controls that you can use to save graphs, download data, and refresh the graph.