Error graph

An Error Graph shows data about every measurement attempt that encountered an error. The Error Graph page contains two graphs and two accompanying tables.

For a complete list of errors reported by Keynote agents, see Error Code Listing.

The first graph is a high-level summary graph, showing the overall average of errors in a stacked bar chart, with one bar representing each URL. If you have selected a single URL in the View Graphs page, MyKeynote displays this graph as a single bar chart. If you select more than one URL, MyKeynote shows this graph as a stacked bar chart, in which each bar shows error data for each URL.

Summary Error Graph showing aggregated errors for a specified time period

Summary table

The table below the summary graph contains measurement data corresponding to the Summary Error Graph, with additional information about the specific types of errors.

Change graph selection criteria

You can change the graph selection criteria, for example by specifying individual errors you're interested in, or generate a different type of graph for this data set by using the controls beneath the Summary Error Graph. You can use the "Categorize based on" drop-down to specify the data that is displayed in the second graph on the page, and in the following tables. You can choose to see error data categorized by Agent, Backbone, City, Country, Region, or Time History.

You can also use a drop-down to select a different graph type to generate for this data set.

See Chart Actions for information about graph page controls that you can use to save graphs, download data, and refresh the graph.