Change an agent's backbone

By default, MyKeynote groups agents geographically, by city. Some users prefer to have their agents grouped according to other categories. For example, network administers often want to view agent information categorized by network backbones. The Utilities: Change an Agent's Backbone page lets an administrator map each URL to a specific backbone.

The page refers to backbones, because this is a common use for this page. However, you can use this page to categorize your agents according to any criteria you choose.

To map an agent:

  1. From the Agent drop-down list, choose the agent you want to map.
  2. In the Backbone field, enter the name of the backbone, or any other organizing name, to which you want to map the agent.
  3. Click the Backbone button to display the Agent to Backbone Mapping table, which shows the corresponding backbone address for each agent in the list.
  4. When you have finished entering the information, click Update.