Edit graph styles

You can change many visual aspects of graphs using this dialog, which is accessible from the any graphs page under Actions > Edit Legacy Graph Styles.

Edit graph styles from the Actions menu

Graph style options

Show markers in graphs

When Show Markers is selected, each data point wil be represented with a circular marker.

Show Y-axis grid in graphs

If selected, the vertical axis scale markings will be shown.

Show data point values in graphs

When this option is selected, each data point will be labeled with its underlying numerical value.

Show Data Point Values selected

Select line width for graphs

Choose the thickness of graph lines in MyKeynote line graphs (1 thinnest - 5 thickest).

This setting also affects the size of markers shown in graphs, such as scatter plots.

Select background color for graphs

Choose the color you want to appear behind MyKeynote graphs. Choices are None (white), Light Grey, and Light Blue.

Select background border for graphs

Select the style for graph backround border.

Use bar graph instead of line graph

Choose this option to create bar graphs instead of line graphs.

Use area graph for time history when single measurement/page is selected

Choose between area graph style and normal.

Use 3D view for graphs

When this is selected, line graphs will have a 3D effect.