Alarm Maintenance windows

You can set up one or more maintenance windows  for your Keynote alarms. You can set up recurring maintenance windows or a one-time, absolute maintenance window when your site will be down and you want your alarms disabled. This is useful, for example, if your web server is regularly down for maintenance at a certain time each week, and you don't want to be bothered with availability or performance alerts during this period.

No alarms are triggered during a maintenance window even if the performance or availability of a measurement meets alarm thresholds. However, data points are still gathered as the measurement itself is not suspended. If you run a scatter plot for a time period that includes a maintenance window, data points gathered during the window are displayed. During a maintenance window, an alarm is listed as temporarily disabled in the alarm Summary page.

You can create any number of maintenance periods. Each can be applied to any number of alarms. Each alarm can also have multiple maintenance periods assigned to it.

  • Maintenance periods are most useful for recurring periods when you want alarms turned off temporarily.
  • You can also set up one-time maintenance windows, or simply disable your alarms manually before and re-enable them afterwards.

Maintenance windows page

Navigate to > Maintenance Windows to see a list of your configured maintenance windows. The windows are listed with information about whether they are:

  • Absolute (one-time) or Relative (recurring)
  • Start Date or recurring time of week
  • Start Time
  • Duration
  • Time Zone

From this page, you can:

Editing a maintenance window

Several fields for a maintenance window are editable in the main Maintenance Windows page.

For absolute windows, you can edit the name.

For both absolute and relative windows, you can edit:

  • Start date or recurring time of week
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Time zone

You cannot change the maintenance window type (Relative or Absolute ) after it has been created.

Make your changes and select Update next to the list item to register changes. You will see a confirmation of your changes at the top of your screen.

Click  next to the entry for a maintenance window to delete it. You will need to confirm your deletion.

Creating a maintenance window

To set up an alarm maintenance window:

Navigate to > Maintenance Windows . If any maintenance periods have been previously created, you can edit them from this page.

Click Create . You are directed to maintenance window settings.

Select whether you want an Absolute or Recurring Maintenance Window . You can set up a one-time window for a specific date and time or a recurring schedule on a weekly or daily basis.

  • For an absolute window:

    1. Enter a Name (only absolute windows can have names).
    2. Select a start Date , Start Time , and a Duration (0.50 hr - 1 week ) from the drop-down list. Start times begin at the top of each hour. The end time is automatically calculated.
    3. Select a Time Zone for setting the maintenance window.
  • For a relative window:

    1.      You can set up a weekly or daily recurring schedule. Select a start day of the week in **Date** . You can also choose **All Days** , **Weekend** , or **Week Days** . The window will be operative on the selected day(s) for the start time and time period chosen.
              If you create recurring window that begins at 9 p.m. every Friday and lasts for 12 hours, the window extends till Saturday 8:59 a.m.

     However, if you create windows spanning **Week Days** , note that your start and end times should fall within Monday 12 a.m. - Friday 11:59 p.m. If you set up a start time of 11 p.m. with a duration of 3 hours, the window on Friday night will only be effective through 11:59 p.m.; alerts will resume at Saturday 12 a.m.

     Likewise, if you create windows spanning **Weekends** , your start and end times should fall within Saturday 12 a.m. - Sunday 11:59 p.m.
  1. Select a starting hour of the day in **Start Time** .
  1. Select a **Duration**  of up to 24 hours. The end time is automatically calculated.
  1. Select a **Time Zone**  for setting the maintenance window.

Save your changes.

Once the maintenance window has been created, it must be applied toalarm settings so that alerts are not sent out during this window.


A delay of up to 15 minutes might occur for changes to your maintenance window to take effect.