Alarm log

The Alarm Log shows all alerts that have been sent for your account for any period during the last two weeks.

  • You can specify any date range in the last two weeks using the From and To selectors.
  • You can select alarm logs for specific users using the Alarm Logs for user tool.
  • The columns in the table can be sorted by clicking arrows near the column headers.
  • Icons and Severity cell coloring indicate warning (yellow) or critical (red) alarm conditions.

Click View next to an alert to see a scatter plot for that measurement.


Alarm logs are stored for a maximum of two weeks.

Alarm Log RSS Feed

An RSS feed is available that allows you to access contents of your alarm log with a browser or RSS reader.

Click RSS Feed  in the Alarm Log page to view the alarm log in RSS XML format.

You can also access the alarm log RSS URL:

You will be asked for your Keynote username and password.

Format of the alarm log RSS XML

  • <item> is an alert in the alarm log. Each entry in the alarm log is contained in a corresponding <item> tag of the RSS XML.
  • <link> is a URL to the graph in MyKeynote showing the condition that triggered the alert.
  • <description>  is the alarm alias plus the time of the alert.
  • <title> is the alarm alias.
  • <pubDate> is the time of the alert.


<rss version="2.0">
<title>Alarm Status RSS Feed</title>
<description>Keynote Alert status feeds</description>
<copyright>Copyright 2007 Keynote Systems</copyright>
	<description> Search Mobile:2016-04-01 14:08:28||WARN
	<title> Search Mobile</title>
	<pubDate>2016-04-01 14:08:28</pubDate>
	<description> Search Mobile:2016-04-01 11:23:41||WARN
	<title> Search Mobile</title>
	<pubDate>2016-04-01 11:23:41</pubDate>