Web recorder

The Keynote Web Recorder is available in the Keynote Service Center to provide a web-based, end-to-end flow from script creation through measurement provisioning.

Please review Requirements and Scope below, then check web recorder help to learn about:

Requirements and scope

Chrome users on the Windows and Macintosh platforms can record, edit, and validate tests directly from within KSC. The web recorder requires a Chrome extension, which is easily installed within KSC as part of the recording workflow (see Accessing the Web Recorder).

The web recorder is available for the following types of measurements:

  • Real Browser Monitoring (TxP)—all flavors
    • Cloud Transaction Perspective
    • Transaction Perspective High Frequency
    • Transaction Perspective Last Mile
  • Mobile Web Monitoring (MwP)—all flavors
    • Mobile Web Perspective
    • Mobile Web Perspective Over Air
  • Real Browser Monitoring (TxP) and Mobile Web Monitoring (MWP) each requires a different Chrome extension to be installed.
  • The web recorder is not supported for shared TxP scripts or for MWP URLs.

When you schedule your web recorder measurement in KSC, browser choices map to the following versions:

  • Chrome 38 (default)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 33