Setting up PurePath measurements

Keynote Synthetic Monitoring is now integrated with Dynatrace Application Monitoring, enabling you to trace every transaction starting from a synthetic monitor through backend systems, third parties, virtualized tiers, and more.

Prior to accessing PurePath information in MyKeynote, you must set up PurePath measurements in KSC:

  • Enter the hostname/IP address and port of the AppMon server for your AppMon Client.
  • Check the flag to display the PurePath column in the waterfall graph in MyKeynote, provided there is at least one object on that page for which PurePath data is available. Note that once you enter the hostname/IP address and port of the AppMon server, the Dynatrace tag is automatically inserted in the header when provisioning your measurement; this implies that PurePath data will be captured even if you do not check this flag to display the column in the waterfall.

AppMon Server information

When you have logged in to KSC:

  1. Select the Admin > Dynatrace menu.

  2. Enter your agreement ID.

  3. Enter AppMon server and port information in the fields provided and click Apply. Be sure to enable SSL.

Displaying the PurePath icon in MyKeynote

When provisioning your Mobile Web Monitoring (MWP) or Real Browser Web Monitoring (TxP) script, you can display the PurePath column in MyKeynote waterfall charts, which allows you to trace PurePath data for the selected object.

Note that when you provide AppMon server information, the Dynatrace tag is automatically inserted in the header, whether or not the PurePath column is displayed in MyKeynote.

You can opt to add or edit a single measurement (Measurents > Add or Measurements > Edit) in KSC. You can also mass edit measurements (Mass Edit > TxP/ApP Edit or Mass Edit > MWP Edit).


When choosing Mass Edit > TxP/ApP Edit, the PurePath option applies only to TxP scripts.

Enter your agreement ID.

If adding a new measurement, select a measurement type and click Continue. The checked TxP and MWP measurement types shown below support PurePath integration.

If editing a single script, select the script and continue.

When provisioning/editing a single script or mass editing scripts, select the the PurePath – On radio button.