Making changes using Mass Edit

The Mass Edit feature enables you to efficiently edit multiple details about multiple measurements at one time.

To use mass edit:

Click Mass Edit.

These are the Mass Edit options:

  • General Edit - for mass editing of login, password, and expiration of measurements, regardless of service type
  • Website Edit - for mass editing measurement details of Website Perspective measurements
  • Trans Edit - for mass editing measurement details of Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective measurements, including single page Application Perspective measurements.
  • WxN Edit - for mass editing measurement details of Mobile Application Perspective measurements.

If you were in view-only mode when you accessed Mass Edit, you will be prompted to enter your organization's agreement ID.

On the Mass Edit page, make any desired changes to the measurement settings. You can change:

  • Contact
  • Logins (Add or Remove)
  • Measurement Interval
  • Agent Group
  • End User ID
  • Expiration Date

Any login you select on this page will simply be added to the measurements you select; it will not replace the logins that are currently associated with the measurement.

Select the measurements you would like to apply the changes to.

Verify the changes you are about to make and click Save to apply the changes.