Free performance appraisals (FPAs)

Create a free performance appraisal (FPA)

Keynote resellers and employees can create a Free Performance Appraisal (FPA) to enable potential customers to try out Keynote services. An FPA can later be converted to a revenue agreement.

  1. Log in to KSC using a reseller password. The Agreement Info page appears showing the list of agreements that are available under your reseller account.
  2. Select the FPA Only agreement in the list (it should available to all resellers; if not, please contact Keynote support) and click the Enter button.
  3. Click Add Measurements. The Contact Info page appears. From this point on, the procedures for creating an FPA are the same as for creating a revenue measurement.

Convert FPAs to revenue measurements

To convert an FPA agreement to a revenue agreement, you create a new revenue agreement and then use the Mass Edit feature to move the URLs from the FPA agreement to the newly-created revenue agreement.

This page assumes you have already created an FPA agreement as described in Creating a new FPA agreement.

  1. Log in to KSC using a reseller password. The Active Measurements page appears.
  2. Select Agreements. The Agreement Info page appears showing the list of available agreements. Click the New button to create a new agreement.
  3. Fill out the fields for the new agreement, including the Max Slots field, which specifies the number of measurements (slots) that can be added to this new agreement. Fill out the Agreement Label field with your customer´s company name or other appropriate name (For our example, we´re creating an agreement called "XampleCo.").
  4. Click the Create button when you have filled out the New Agreement information.

You are returned to the Existing Agreements page with the new agreement you just created now available.

  1. Next, we enter the FPA-only agreement that we want to convert to a revenue agreement. Highlight it and click the Enter button.

    You will see the Active Measurements for the FPA agreement.

  2. Click Mass Edit to open the Mass Edit page for the FPA-only agreement.

    On the Mass Edit page, select the measurements (slots) that you want to move to the revenue agreement you created above. You do this by checking the boxes next to the Slot number, selecting the revenue agreement name in the Agreement box, and optionally adding an ID number to identify this Agreement for your billing processes. Then, click the Save! button.