Administer logins

When you create a new measurement you can assign it an existing login (username and password) or create a new login. You can use KSC to administer logins for any of your customers' measurements.

  1. Log in to KSC using a reseller password.

  2. Select Measurements on the Active Measurements page that appears.

  3. You will be asked to enter the agreement ID for the measurement you want to work with. After you enter the ID and click OK, the Active Measurements page appears. Click the alias for the measurement you want to change the logins for.

  4. The Measurement Detail page appears. In the lower left corner, the current logins for this measurement are shown. Click the Edit button next to the Login Access list.

  5. The Login Access page appears. You can use this page to remove any logins from this measurement by selecting the login on the Selected Logins list and clicking the Remove button.

    You can also select any of the existing logins from list at left and add it to the measurement by clicking the Add button.

    After adding or removing a login, click the Continue button.

  6. If you want to edit any of the logins, highlight it and click Edit. You can change the password for any existing login, but you cannot change the user name. (If you need to change a User Name, create a new login as described below.)

    1. To edit an existing Login, click the Login in the Existing Logins list and click Edit. Change the password and click Save.
  7. If you want to create a new login, click the New button on the Login Access page.

    1. Enter a new user name and password. If you want to have KSC generate a password automatically, click the AutoGen button and then add a user name. Click the Save button when you have finished, or click Reset to abandon your new login. Once you have saved the new login, you can select it and click Add to add it to the active logins.