Agent tab

This tab provides access to these features:

Request CApP or CTxP agent

To request a Cloud Application Perspective or Cloud Transaction Perspective agent or agent instance customers need to supply an IP address range, location, company name and identifier, and contact email. If alerts are enabled for this agent, an alert email address (to receive alerts) can be added.

Keynote will send instructions for downloading the agent software after receiving the request.

Edit CApP or CTxP agent details

You can edit several details for CApP or CTxP agents.

The Concurrent Measurements setting should reflect the number set in the CApP or CTxP agent configuration utility. It is used to estimate agent capacity in KSC.

Agent search

This feature allows you to search from the database of Keynote agents for Transaction, Single page, or Wireless services. To search for agents, you need to supply the region, country, city, and ISP and click Search.

To search for specific agents:

  1. Select Agent Tab > Agent Search.
  2. Select the Region Name, Country Name, and City Name you are interested in. If you want to narrow your selection to Agents located on a specific ISP, select its name from the ISP Name menu.
  3. Select the Keynote service you are interested in.
  4. Click Search.

Create agent group (non-flex-use customers)

Keynote customers with appropriate permission can make changes to their agent groups by replacing the standard collections of agents with different agents. The same total maximum number of agents must be maintained.

Create agent group (flex-use customers only)

Keynote Flex-use customers can create their own custom agent group to use for their measurements, which can include any Keynote agents. Flex-use customers can create a custom group from any of the Keynote agent locations that are available for the measurement type they are using.

To create a custom agent group:

  1. Click Agent > Create Agent Group.

  2. Choose whether to create a custom agent group from individual agents, or use an existing agent group as a template. You can also edit an existing agent group.

  3. Choose the Keynote service you want to create a custom agent group for. Only the Keynote services included in your agreement are available for selection.

  4. Select the agents you want to include from the hierarchical list at the left.

    The list of locations are in a hierarchical list.

    • region
      • country
        • city
          • individual agent(s)

    You can click the plus sign icons to expand the list until individual agents are shown. Selecting an individual agent adds it to the list at right.

    Checking a box next to an item moves the entire list of agents under that item to the included list on the right. You can remove any individual agents from the agent group by selecting them from the box on the right and clicking the Remove button.

  5. Continue adding agents until you have created the group that you want.

  6. Supply a name for your custom group.

  7. Click Save.

You can remove any of the selected by selecting the one(s) you want to remove from the right box and clicking Remove.