Adding new measurements

These instructions explain how to create a new Keynote measurement from scratch; you can also clone an existing measurement).


Prepay customers: Because your account includes a pre-determined amount of measurement services, you have limited ability to add new measurements. You cannot add new measurements to public Keynote measurements, although you can change the URL of existing measurements. Prepay customers who are users of Keynote private agents (including Application Perspective customers) can freely add measurements for those agents.

Shared TxP or ApP Scripts: You can create a single script with multiple profiles in KITE (Keynote Internet Testing Environment), then deploy that script using KSC so that separate measurements will be created for each script profile. This process can be used for both Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective measurements and is ideal for monitoring individual web servers in a farm or replicated web/app clusters in any Internet application environment. For more information about using shared scripts, see this technical note (PDF).

Add a new measurement

  1. Click Measurements > Add.
  2. Supply the agreement number for the new measurement. Agreement numbers are provided by the Keynote coordination group. (Some customers will not be asked for an agreement number if special arrangements have been made with Keynote coordination.)
  3. Select the Keynote product and associated options.
  4. Supply an alias and select an expiration date or accept the default date.
  5. For multi-page scripts, browse to a script file that has been created in KITE or MITE and click the Upload Script button. For single URL measurements, enter the URL.
  6. Configure the measurement by selecting measurement details.
  7. If you need to change the login, user group, or contact information for the measurement, click the link below the fields on the right and make required changes.
  8. For TxP and ApP, validate the script. The validation process runs the script on special agents and provides mesurement details. If validation fails for a TxP or ApP script, test your script in KITE and re-record or edit it as needed.
  9. Note that usage cost details for the measurement with current settings are shown.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. You can also estimate usage, expire a measurement, or make changes to measurement details.

Notes on MWP measurements

For MWP measurements over the network, you can create a custom device group for your measurements. Adding an Mobile Web Perspective Over Air measurement follows the same process as MWP measurments over the network, except you can only select a device from the Device Catalog and cannot create your own device groups.