NextGen API metrics map

This table maps metrics in our older API systems like SDA Datafeed or XML Datafeed/Datapulse to those in the Next Generation API, making it easier for customers used to our older systems to parse the results of NextGen API calls. Parent nodes are shown where applicable.

SDA Datafeed XML Datafeed/Datapulse/API NextGen API
Slot_ID TXN_MEASUREMENT > slot data > monid
Agent_ID TXN_MEASUREMENT > agent data > agtid
Date+Time TXN_MEASUREMENT > datetime data > mtime
Measurement_Network TXN_SUMMARY > delta_msec data > nwtme
Page_Number TXN_PAGE > page_seq data > pgeid
DNS_Time TXN_PAGE_PERFORMANCE > dns_lookup_msec data > dnstm
Time_To_Opening_Page TXN_PAGE_PERFORMANCE > first_byte_msec datafbtme
Page_Download_Time (TXN_PAGE_PERFORMANCE > delta_user_msec - TXN_PAGE_PERFORMANCE > first_byte_msec) data > (uxtme-fbtme)
Record_Type TXN_PAGE_DETAILS > page data > pgeid
Measurement_User TXN_SUMMARY > delta_user_msec data > uxtme
Content_Errors TXN_SUMMARY > content_errors data > ncnterr
Start_Time_Offset TXN_PAGE_PERFORMANCE > start_msec datareqtm
Page_Bytesize TXN_PAGE_OBJECT > page_bytes data > nbyte