Mobile symbolication service

The Symbolication Service (also known as DSS, or De-obfuscation and Symbolication Service) allows you to symbolicate (iOS) or de-obfuscate (Android) mobile application crash reports or handled exceptions. This allows you to view the classes and methods in the stack trace in plain text.

Enable the symbolication service and set storage

By default the Symbolication Service is not enabled at the time the AppMon Server is installed. To enable the service:

  1. In the AppMon Client, select the Settings menu > Dynatrace Server > Services item > Symbolication Service tab. Select the Enable Deobfuscation and Symbolication Service check box and click OK.
  2. Return to the Symbolication Service tab and set the File Storage Location and Limit as needed for crash reports and unhandled exceptions. The default value of 0 indicates there is no storage limit for these files.