iOS Agent auto setup with Carthage

You can install the Mobile Agent using Carthage.
If using Carthage for the first time, read the Installing Carthage instructions and Adding frameworks to an application.

Dynatrace Framework can also be included via Carthage. Use this line to add it to your Carthfile:

binary "" ~> 8.181
  1. Add the DTXAgentStartupPath key to your Info.plist file. Use instrumented web server URL for the value. For example http(s)://<myWebServer>:<my port>.
  2. Add the DTXApplicationID key to your Info.plist file. Use the ID your App should be identified by on the AppMon Server for the value. For example, easyTravel mobile.
  3. Use the suitable keys from Auto-Instrumentation for iOS to enable and control auto instrumentation.