How to instrument an Android app

Version 8.x

This is documentation for the most recent version 8.x. It is only supported for AppMon 2018 October.

If you're using older version, see Android Agent 7.x.

The process of monitoring the user experience of native mobile apps is different from monitoring browser-based web applications. This is because mobile-app monitoring involves the compilation, packaging, and shipment of a monitoring library along with your own mobile application package.

To auto-instrument your Android project, use the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin. If you are unable to use the plugin due to technical limitations, try manual instrumentation.

For technical information and references, check:

If you're using auto-instrumentation to instrument your app, we recommended to migrate to the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin v 8.x. The new version has new features and improvements, and it is much faster. To migrate to the latest plugin version, look at the migration instructions.