AppMon 7.2 Mainframe 2018 October Release Notes

Monthly PTF's have been made available for Dynatrace AppMon 7.2 2018 October mainframe components thru the cumulative monthly maintenance. Recommended for all users!

To download the cumulative PTF’s, JCL exists in the sample library created during the initial install (hilevel.LZDT72.SZDTSAMP). FTPMAINT and RFNMAINT facilitate downloads from a Dynatrace FTP server with RFNMAINT taking advantage of Receive from Network technology. Additional information can also be found at Download and SMP/E install of the z/OS Agent Components. If using RFNMAINT, please update your JCL with the hash contained in the RFNINSTL job in the aforementioned link.

Resolved and known issues

Date Program Temporary Fix What's impacted Description
2019 March DTP001A CICS ONE-22107 DTAX transaction abends 0C4 after zDC restart
  • Impact: Low, only occurs when ZDC is re-started.
  • Cause: An internal control block is not initialized.
  • Solution: Changed code to check parameters after initialization is complete.
2019 March DTP002A Samples ONE-22963 Install samples are incorrect
  • Impact: Low, can be manually modified or copied from the Dynatrace web site.
  • Cause: New version and artifact repository.
  • Solution: Updated members in .SZDTSAMP.
2019 May DTP003A CICS DTAX ONE-23325 Missing or Incorrect messages in DTAX
  • Impact: Low, missing or incorrect messages.
  • Cause: ZDTP010I not getting called.
  • Solution: Changed code to resolve.
2019 May DTP004A IMS ONE-23104 IMS Agent ABEND if MQ Trigger Monitor and Shared Queues Plex
  • Impact: Medium, IMS Agent ABEND.
  • Cause: MQ Trigger transaction started on one IMS but processed on another IMS.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 May DTP005A IMS ONE-22027 Missing Purepaths when CTL Region Unregisters
  • Impact: Medium, Missing Purepaths.
  • Cause: CTL Region not initialized or unregistered.
  • Solution: Add code to perform CTL Region INIT.
2019 May DTP006A CICS ONE-24288 ZDTP0055 Start DTAX ICE Failed-z/OS
  • Impact: High, DTAX fails and high CPU.
  • Cause: Multiple REQID's scheduled to run.
  • Solution: Add cancel REQID before doing the next start.
2019 June DTP007A CICS ONE-24343 Support for CTG Invoking Remote Programs
  • Impact: Medium, new support.
  • Cause: Remote Programs.
  • Solution: Added support.
2019 June DTP008A CICS APM-176139 No reported CICS data because the initial connection to zDC fails
  • Impact: High, Data not flowing from CICS to the zRemote.
  • Cause: Initial connection to zDC in the PLT fails.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 June DTP009A CICS ONE-25230 CICS DTAX enabled but no CICS subpaths created
  • Impact: High, no CICS subpaths.
  • Cause: DSALim not being set correctly.
  • Solution: Changed code to handle condition.
2019 September DTP010A CICS ONE-24112 Enable CICS agent to support SOAP apphandlers
  • Impact: Medium, new support.
  • Cause: No Purepaths on CICS SOAP service.
  • Solution: Added new support.
2019 September DTP011A IMS ONE-25960 IMS Agent ABEND S0C4 in ZDTIII14 offset +9F7C
  • Impact: High, IMS Abend.
  • Cause: The IMS Agent may abend after an IMS Application Abend.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2019 September DTP012A IMS ONE-26190 IMS ADK insert link event message not sent to ZDC
  • Impact: High, Missing messages.
  • Cause: Message buffer overwrite.
  • Solution: Added code to correct condition.
2019 September DTP013A IMS ONE-26413 ABEND diagnostic messages may show invalid offset in ZDTIIInn
  • Impact: High, Incorrect output.
  • Cause: Invalid abend address in recovery routine.
  • Solution: Added code to correctly calculate offset.
2019 September DTP014A CICS ONE-25182 Enable CICS LE Support
  • Impact: Medium, New support.
  • Cause: No ability to monitor CICS LE requests.
  • Solution: Added new support.