Update 3


The new version of the Android Mobile Agent has been released!

'Critical - 1' Issues

  • ONE-21063 - Android Agent: Removed trailing slash from AppMon beacon URL
    • Impact: Some AppMon agents cannot handle a trailing slash in the beacon URL
    • Cause: Version introduced a trailing slash as part of a renewed configuration
    • Solution: Verifying and adjusting beacon URL

'Moderate - 3' Issues

  • ONE-20561 - Dynatrace Gradle plugin: Add support for the latest Android Gradle plugin version 3.3
  • ONE-20617 - Android Auto-Instrumentation: Added support for AndroidX
  • ONE-20847 - Android Auto-instrumentation: Improved CookieManager instrumentation
  • ONE-20874 - Android Auto-Instrumentation: Improved verification for Auto-Instrumentor properties