Update 1


A new update for Dynatrace AppMon 7-2-1 has been released! This update contains critical fixes and improvements. Using a controlled installation , you can select which agents when to update, without migration! The installation of updates containing critical fixes can prevent monitored application impact or monitoring data loss and therefore is strongly recommended for all users. Download here!

Resolved Issues

This update contains all changes of public updates of previous versions released to this date. Resolved Issues

Most critical issues since the last public updates

All resolved issues

Correlation and Analysis

  • JLT-225959 - Prevention and visibility of circular sub-path references during processing PurePath collection.
  • JLT-225975 - Add the transactionID to the tag used for linking subpaths. This is disabled by default.
  • JLT-226189 - Augments AppMon agent connection pool attachment information with occupied pool size.
  • JLT-225762 - Add a hard timeout for subpaths that, when exceeded, even break the path structure to make subpaths complete
  • JLT-225447 - Add AppMon agent protocol update support for mobile tags.
  • JLT-226713 - Improve event protocol logging by logging node attachments from events when they are still present.
  • JLT-226033 - In case a subpath timed out and a linked childpath was from an agent that disconnected in the meantime, the childpath wasn't force completed and therefore had to run in it's own timeout which made the whole transaction complete very late.
  • JLT-226010 - Update the latest event timestamp of a path only in case the event was successfully correlated to the path.

Server Platform

  • JLT-226497 - Concurrent calls to user management REST endpoints fail due to unintended side-effects on shared data.
  • JLT-223905 - Improved logging for failed log file uploads from AppMon agents.


  • JLT-226892 - Make Apache request types (internal redirect, subrequest) available in PurePath dashlet
  • JLT-226676 - Show processing PurePaths can cause full gcs when the server is under high load. This can even lead to server restarts by the watchdog on very large heaps (XLarge256)
  • JLT-225845 - In rare cases when a system profile is removed, a NullPointerException is thrown. Be nullsafe when accessing PureLytics.
  • JLT-226681 - Prepared server memory management for future support of Java11
  • JLT-225723 - In rare cases non StatCounter objects cause Exception at startup, when monitoring correlation queue saturation. Just consider StatCounter objects.
  • JLT-225506 - Path expression is ignored in JMX probing request to AppMon agents, resulting in wrong agent response for complex attributes.
  • JLT-225504 - A stuck Collector connection may cause a forced Server restart
  • JLT-226032 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ActionPurePathContext.finishNodes(..)

Java Agent

  • JLT-225289 - Servlet sensor throws NPE on JBoss EAP 6.4.x spamming the agent log file


  • JLT-225397 - Wrong HTTP header set for preemptive proxy authentication, which leads to communication problems when using HTTP tunnel via proxy with required basic authentication due to performance impact of challenge-response authentication
  • JLT-225837 - Security issue which allows to read files from the server system (with an unprivileged user)
  • JLT-225833 - Security issue which allows to read files from the server system (with an unprivileged user)


  • JLT-224782 - Provide consistent user feedback when dashlet filters are used and and only percentage of data is available.
  • JLT-225853 - Agent picker used in Class Browser does not distinguish between different agents within the same process, which can lead to a different agent selection than intended by the user
  • JLT-223545 - For the client's REST interface a custom JKS can now be specified via system properties.
  • JLT-225523 - Default agent platform setting for new agent groups is not considered
  • JLT-225253 - Custom time frame filter is reset after drilldown.

Integration and Services

  • JLT-226075 - [Dynatrace Integration] When exporting the same measure to dynatrace from two different system profiles, only one metric would be created on dynatrace side.