Mainframe 2018 April Release Notes

Monthly PTF's have been made available for Dynatrace AppMon 2018 April mainframe components thru the cumulative monthly maintenance. Recommended for all users!

To download the cumulative PTF’s, JCL exists in the sample library created during the initial install (hilevel.LZDT71.SZDTSAMP). FTPMAINT and RFNMAINT facilitate downloads from a Dynatrace FTP server with RFNMAINT taking advantage of Receive from Network technology. Additional information can also be found at Download and SMP/E install of the z/OS Agent Components. If using RFNMAINT, please update your JCL with the hash contained in the RFNINSTL job in the aforementioned link.

Resolved and known issues

Date PTF What's Impacted Description
2018 March DTQ001A zDC JLT-211733 ZDC ECSA storage leak, restarts allocation another AgtAst
  • Impact: Low, only occurs when ZDC is started.
  • Cause: An internal workarea should have been re-used. A new one was allocated.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.