Update 2


A new update for Dynatrace AppMon 2018 April has been released! This update contains critical fixes and improvements. Using a controlled installation , you can select which agents when to update, without migration! The installation of updates containing critical fixes can prevent monitored application impact or monitoring data loss and therefore is strongly recommended for all users. Download here!

Resolved Issues

This update contains all changes of public updates of previous versions released to this date. Resolved Issues

Most critical issues since the last public updates


  • JLT-212861 - Purepaths were timing out, and the server was being stressed.
    • Impact: Pure paths were timing out
    • Cause: Events were being dropped, particularly EndPath events. This meant that the server never closed out the purepaths that contained the dropped events. This caused timeouts, and a backup in the server's purepath buffer/cache.
    • Solution: When the zRemoteAgent sees this situation, he will generate the missing EndPath event.


  • JLT-213316 - Test Automation: error message appears when clicking on external test execution in Test Results dashlet.
    • Impact: It is not possible to view external test execution measures values and related chart with corridor.
    • Cause: Not supported negative values of external test execution measures.
    • Solution: Added support for negative values.

All resolved issues


  • JLT-214256 - Creating a Database measure from the PP dashlet suggests the connection pool name as SQL statement instead of the actual query
  • JLT-215262 - Updating and restarting the client just after first connect to server can lead to loss of connection settings.
  • JLT-214532 - Incident drill down and Incident notfication emails sometimes shows empty incident overview.
  • JLT-214826 - Provide compatibility in Web Services
  • JLT-210509 - The "Save as..." dashboard menu entry would sometimes be disabled even though it should actually be enabled.
  • JLT-212243 - Mac client freezes when trying to browse JMX metrics in fullscreen mode.
  • JLT-214378 - Data Export Wizard cannot be opened in Webstart Client
  • JLT-216076 - Introduced patent section to the about dialog


  • JLT-213806 - Truncate measure name at 500 characters.
  • JLT-213247 - Wrong database in Performance Warehouse configuration dialog.
  • JLT-213784 - SQL exception when deleting a BT.
  • JLT-214238 - An internal error (value already present) stops writing dynamic measures into the performance warehouse.
  • JLT-214941 - Improved runtime of performance warehouse migration.


  • JLT-212435 - Byte allocation in serialization of session was incorrect
  • JLT-216188 - Updated the UEM Databases
  • JLT-209250 - Updated GeoTools to version 19.0
  • JLT-209881 - Unlinked web requests now contain a step number
  • JLT-215007 - fix NullPointerException
  • JLT-199969 - Added new names for Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and St Kitts and Nevis (Saint Kitts and Nevis)


  • JLT-213803 - Editing an incident downtime may cause an exception when storing system profile afterward
  • JLT-196793 - Server reports with charts will not fail completely with STIX fonts issue on RHEL anymore
  • JLT-213678 - Log levels for Plugins aren't always applied properly
  • JLT-214926 - Self-monitoring Agent raises severe incidents regarding GC overhead even though the AppMon Server is healthy
  • JLT-197200 - Server update installation: free disk space check relies on session directory, but should check server install
  • JLT-213316 - Test Automation: error message appears when clicking on external test execution in Test Results dashlet.
  • JLT-210441 - Incident "PureLytics skipped data because session was not found" is created when PureLytics still references session which was deleted by session storage cleanp (e.g. disk or storage limit reached, empty session).
  • JLT-215648 - Limit number of retained CAS UEM files to prevent slowdown of the Backend Server
  • JLT-211805 - Agentres files which are used for the controlled JS rollout should not be deleted automatically
  • JLT-214154 - Exceptions thrown in user plugin code are incorrectly reported as exceptions thrown in dtserver/collector code
  • JLT-214153 - Host-monitoring incidents cannot be deleted via System Profiles they're attributed to but only directly via "Infrastructure" System Profile.
  • JLT-215043 - Disabling optimized regex engine
  • JLT-213024 - Transaction Flow might show a webservice call as external call despite the server side being instrumented.
  • JLT-215950 - Incident rule with multiple mail actions only uses first one.
  • JLT-212642 - Encoding issue in "Open in browser" links
  • JLT-213137 - Invalid configured categorization tags are now replaced by the default configuration.
  • JLT-214061 - Infrastructure Alerts aren't suppressed by incident downtimes on custom System Profiles
  • JLT-211112 - Mitigation of IndexOutOfBoundsException and log message added.
  • JLT-212598 - Add visit anonymization rest api.
  • JLT-215267 - Server: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Fix an exception in the PurePath dashlet
  • JLT-214853 - Realtime analysis ignores matching database measure

Correlation and Analysis

  • JLT-215140 - Dropped PurePaths due to modification attempt of immutable connection-pool data.
  • JLT-213588 - Fix detection of external webservice calls
  • JLT-210589 - Correct API time calculations as well as API suppression for nested sub-paths.

JavaScript Agent

  • JLT-214848 - JSAgent incorrectly triggers onbeforeunload fakeout if elements with href attributes 'javascript:' are clicked, causing source actions to be lost.
  • JLT-215563 - In embedded IE browsers, referring to window results in an "Invalid calling object" error during the unload event, because the original copy may be destroyed if there are no references to it
  • JLT-211528 - embedded IE browser cannot invoke our setTimeout copy on destroyed window object during unload event. this fix ensures we use a copy of the window object to prevent this
  • JLT-212175 - Dojo module causes exceptions with undefined properties
  • JLT-211642 - JS agent doesn't capture sequential XHR calls from different ajax frameworks.
  • JLT-213572 - Dojo module causes exceptions on older IE browsers


  • JLT-216446 - Tagging for CICS/IMS ADK results in uncorrelated paths.
  • JLT-215339 - Addresses clock_gettime not found when using the dtzagentlauncher before 7.0.
  • JLT-212861 - Purepaths were timing out, and the server was being stressed.


  • ONE-14202 - OneJavaAgent did not set stateCookie with block-information for affected application when a injection percentage was in place. Because of that, a configured percentage did not have the correct effect.


  • JLT-214042 - Wrong indentation in purepath nodes for JCICS API call

Integration and Services

  • JLT-213785 - The test connection button for the AppMon Metric Export feature wasn't working in certain set-ups due to the HTTP header containing a blank.
  • JLT-215436 - [AppMon Metrics Export] Fixed empty dimension keys for some AppMon BTs
  • JLT-215354 - [AppMon Metrics Export] Fixed that appmon host monitoring metrics didn't get the per-host splittings exported to dynatrace

Java Agent

  • JLT-216098 - WebSphere PMI: Improved detection of PerfMBean

In some rare cases, multiple instances of PerfMBeans are registered on multiple MBeanServers exisiting on single WebSphere instances, and only one of those PerfMBeans instances provides access to PMI data. Added checks to identify this instance.


  • JLT-215682 - In the user action details view the name of the resources is now parsed correctly.
  • JLT-206048 - Number of orphaned web requests was not being shown
  • JLT-214815 - The WebUI can now handle large visit ids for drill downs into the visit details page.


  • ONE-13460 - Fixed the problem of disabled IMS agents are not removed from the Agent Overview
  • ONE-13485 - If a CICS persistent mirror task is running, the CICS agent was unable to start a second path using that same task id, if the previous path in that task was corrupt. The new path is now started correctly, and the previous path ended as corrupt.

.NET Agent

  • JLT-206216 - Many log-lines show "Server cannot append header after HTTP headers have been sent" - Exceptions. Throttling the amount of those log entries.
  • JLT-204818 - Improved handling of long paths in DotNet http tagging sensor.

DB Agent

  • JLT-215475 - Database configuration dialog - argument not valid
  • JLT-213012 - Database agent validation error was reported as successfully validated connection

Session Storage

  • JLT-215151 - Handle problem during SessionStorage updates caused by preceding IO problem


  • JLT-213050 - Verify if there is any metric included before persisting test execution


  • JLT-215469 - Internal. Fixed tagging to get PPs from Frontend to Backend server automatically. Resolved Issues

This release contains all changes included in:

  • 7.0.18 and previous 7.0 updates.
  • 6.5.35 and previous 6.5 updates.
  • all updates released for 6.3 and all earlier versions.

This release together with its latest public update contains all changes of all public updates for versions earlier than 6.5.

Most critical issues since the last public updates

.NET Agent

  • JLT-215594 - 32 bit and 64 bit agent provide inconsistent OS properties for license check.

    • Impact: License exhausted although there are sufficient WOSIs in the license.
    • Cause: WOSIs not correctly detected due to inconsistent properties.
    • Solution: Use only consistent OS properties for license check. Agent restart is not required.
  • JLT-215483 - Different .net or IIS agent versions on one WOSI might consume multiple licenses.

    • Impact: License exhausted although there are sufficient WOSIs in the license.
    • Cause: Some properties used for license check can have different values than in previous agent versions.
    • Solution: Use only unchanged properties when different agent versions are connected. Agent restart is not required.

All resolved issues

.NET Agent

  • JLT-215594 - 32 bit and 64 bit agent provide inconsistent OS properties for license check.
  • JLT-215483 - Different .net or IIS agent versions on one WOSI might consume multiple licenses.