Mainframe 2018 August Release Notes

Monthly PTF's have been made available for Dynatrace AppMon 7.0 mainframe components thru the cumulative monthly maintenance. Recommended for all users!

To download the cumulative PTF’s, JCL exists in the sample library created during the initial install (hilevel.LZDT70.SZDTSAMP). FTPMAINT and RFNMAINT facilitate downloads from a Dynatrace FTP server with RFNMAINT taking advantage of Receive from Network technology. Additional information can also be found at Download and SMP/E install of the z/OS Agent Components. If using RFNMAINT, please update your JCL with the hash contained in the RFNINSTL job in the aforementioned link.

Resolved and known issues

Date PTF What's Impacted Description
2017 May DTR010A DTAX JLT-188327 ‐ SOC4 in ZDTPLT when shutting down a system
  • Impact: Low, should only happen if VTAM is recycled.
  • Cause: When VTAM comes down, ZDTPLT is trying to refer to storage that is not available.
  • Solution: Added a condition to check if the pointer is null before using it.
2017 Jul DTR011A zDC JLT-190041 ‐ zLocal command line loses usetransactionsbuffers=true on restart
  • Impact: Medium, If transaction buffers and no zIIP option is used, a zLocal agent restart would stop using transaction buffers. Also, a USS file i/o error could cause excessive messages in the ZDC Joblog.
  • Cause: Programming error.
  • Solution: Correct code.
2017 Jul DTR012A zDC JLT-193261 - zIIP SRB is not released on zRemoteAgent bounce
  • Impact: Medium, in a zIIP enabled environment, the zLocal would have to be restarted after restarting the zRemote.
  • Cause: Programming error.
  • Solution: Correct code.
2017 Jul DTR013A ADK JLT-193348 ‐ Added new ADK functions for CICS and IMS to provide API’s to start and end program nodes in any transaction that is being traced.
  • Impact: None, PTF is an enhancement, not a fix.
  • Cause: NA
  • Solution: NA
2017 Jul DTR014A IMS Agent JLT-191517 ‐ IMS DB2 nodes not generated when the zDC is stopped prior to any DB2 activity and restarted subsequent to DB2 activity.
  • Impact: Medium, uncommon sequence of events that causes missing DB2 nodes.
  • Cause: The sensor install process failed if driven while the zDC was not available, and was only allowed to be driven once.
  • Solution: The sensor install process was modified to be re-driven until successful.
2017 Jul DTR016A zDC JLT-194199 ‐ DTR003A Old version of PTF released to customers.
  • Impact: Low, no customers have reported any issues.
  • Cause: Programming error.
  • Solution: Improved support from DTR003A and DTR012A by adding ZDC parms to control dispatch delay warning. This PTF supersedes DTR003A and DTR012A.
2017 Aug DTR018A zDC JLT-177280 ‐ Log message missing: zDC output and syslog should contain zLocalAgent connect messages.
  • Impact: NA
  • Cause: Customer requested zLocalAgent connect/disconnect/reconnect messages written to the zDC output and SYSLOG. Currently, this information is only written to the zLA logs.
  • Solution: Coding change.
2017 Aug DTR019A CICS Agent JLT-190112 ‐ SOAP program defined as remote causing possible issues.
  • Impact: Medium, Purepath timeouts if the initial program of a SOAP transaction is defined as REMOTE.
  • Cause: Non-local initial program.
  • Solution: Detect and correctly handle remote program definition.
2017 Aug DTR020A CICS Agent JLT-184501 ‐ Message spam in z/OS console.
  • Impact: Low, CICS is reporting an error when ZDTSOAPH tries to retrieve the HTTP headers from what CICS believes to be a non-Web application.
  • Cause: Requests for HTTP headers from pipeline messages that arrived over MQ transport returning response code INVREQ(16) with a RESP2 value of 1.
  • Solution: ZDTSOAPH was changed to ignore this combination instead of issuing an error message for each failing request.
2017 Aug DTR021A IMS Agent JLT-197047 ‐ IMS – MPR loop calling D2sensor after MQ start is done in region.
  • Impact: High, May cause a CPU limit reached in the IMS region.
  • Cause: The DB2 sensor code gets into a loop generating the same node repeatedly.
  • Solution: ZDTIDB00 changed to only enable the 2nd LIIB of the pair when enabling the DB2 sensor.
2017 Sep DTR022A IMS Agent JLT-196903 – IMS – Add optional Include/Exclude Transaction name lists to CTL region MQ sensor configuration.
  • Impact: None, PTF is an enhancement, not a fix.
  • Cause: NA
  • Solution: NA
2017 Sep DTR024A IMS Agent JLT-197853 – IMS – Agent ABEND retry needs to free internal process locks.
  • Impact: High, IMS agent may loop or become unusable if an ABEND occurs while holding a resource lock.
  • Cause: IMS agent ABEND retry does not free resource locks.
  • Solution: IMS agent ABEND retry routine was changed to free all locks.
2017 Sep DTR025A IMS Agent JLT-198821 – IMS – Agent S0C4 ABEND when issuing path table full message if called in AR mode.
  • Impact: Medium, results in a S0C4 ABEND and the IMS agent is disabled.
  • Cause: The code that issues the diagnostic message indicating that the path is full is not coded correctly for the AR mode caller.
  • Solution: Corrected code to handle AR mode caller.
2017 Oct DTR015A CICS Agent JLT-189671 – Abend ASRA when LE sensor is activated.
  • Impact: Medium, could cause an abend in the described situation.
  • Cause: When a PL1 program issues a FETCH/CALL to a COBOL program and passes the called program a parameter, an 0c4 may occur.
  • Solution: Improved interlanguage LE support.
2017 Oct DTR023A CICS Agent JLT-198319 – CICS ADK routine DTILA: extra byte is copied to the tag buffer
  • Impact: Low, may cause applications to send more data than required when using standard tags because they would send the entire buffer, not the actual length.
  • Cause: The DTILA and DTIALA ADK API’s left the tag buffer length in the second argument instead of changing it to the 30 byte length of the binary tag. Also, some API’s returned an additional byte beyond the tag.
  • Solution: Code changed to correct issues.
2017 Oct DTR026A IMS Agent JLT-198797 – IMS – DB2 sensor enabled by ZDCPCRT3 even if CONFIG wants it disabled
  • Impact: Low, will only occur if the DB2 sensor is disabled at the time that the first transaction to access DB2 is run in the MPR.
  • Cause: No check was being made to determine if the sensor should actually be enabled.
  • Solution: Changed the DB2 and MQ sensor install to not initially set the IBM code address in the LIIB to the DT code address; instead it will be zero until the hook is actually set.
2017 Nov DTR027A zDC JLT-197141 – After IPL, all CICS connections down requiring a restart of zDC/zRA
  • Impact: Medium, when ZIIP_ENABLE(YES), just after IPL, the communications process can hang.
  • Cause: The IBM pause token is 16 bytes, the code only used 4 bytes and could leave the ZIIP SRB paused due to the first 4 bytes being zero.
  • Solution: Expanded the internal fields to 16 bytes.
2017 Nov DTR028A IMS Agent JLT-199085 – IMS – Limit the time the agent will loop waiting on a locked resource
  • Impact: Medium, if the agent cannot obtain a lock to a resource within a specified time interval, the agent will be disabled.
  • Cause: There was no check to determine if a reasonable number of attempts to obtain a lock had occurred.
  • Solution: Updated code to terminate loop if a lock cannot be obtained after a reasonable number of attempts.
2017 Nov DTR029A IMS Agent JLT-203587 – IMS – Corrupt path for trigger monitor started transaction if Shared Queues CTL-CTL hop occurs with program switch
  • Impact: Low, a corrupted path is seen if a trigger monitor started transaction is put to the shared queues, read for processing by a different IMS system and then a program switch occurs.
  • Cause: The code did not check to see if the OUWID was created in a remote IMS and simply added the pathid to the table for the local IMS.
  • Solution: Updated code to ensure the pathid is added to the correct table.
2017 Dec DTR030A IMS Agent JLT-204849 – IMS Agent S0C1 Abend followed by S0C6 Abend loop during recovery
  • Impact: High, could result in a high number of warning messages that could impact IMS performance.
  • Cause: For the S0C1, the register value is residual from a storage obtain. For the S0C6, the low bit of the address was most likely set by IMS code.
  • Solution: Added code to handle both conditions.
2017 Dec DTR032A IMS Agent JLT-205596 – IMS agent disabled; S0C4 on PSB end for DBCTL thread PST
  • Impact: High, could result in disconnection of zLocal and zRemote agents.
  • Cause: The agent was processing a PSB end (ILOG07) record for a DBCTL thread PST. The abend was generated when trying to access the region work area using the ACB address from the DT PST table entry.
  • Solution: Added code to verify that the ASCB address in our PSTTBL matches the one in the IMS KIT table for the region. If different, the entry is cleared out.
2017 Dec DTR033A ZDC JLT-204526 – Abend S0C6 ZDCQUERT+10C4 bad PLO plist alignment:DsSmoW
  • Impact: Low, involves an infrequently called routine used to cleanup some stale control blocks.
  • Cause: The S0C6 is due to a bad alignment of a workarea - DsSmoW.
  • Solution: Recompiled the module with a double word alignment for the field.
2018 Jan DTR031A CICS Agent JLT-204865 CICS agent producing nodes with no subpath
  • Impact: Med, missing nodes for remote transactions started by MQ3270 bridge.
  • Cause: When the MQ3270 bridge is used to start an application transaction that is defined as remote, the START request that is issued by the bridge mirror program was not being traced.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2018 Feb DTR034A IMS Agent JLT-208029 IMS – S0C4 ABEND in ZDTIMQ000+282 setting MQ sensor for a BMP
  • Impact: Med, IMS agent disabled due to an ABEND when placing the MQ Sensor.
  • Cause: A S0C4 ABEND occurred in ZDTIMQ00 while attempting to place the MQ sensor when the address of the EEVT block was zero.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2018 Feb DTR035A IMS Agent JLT-208932 IMS – S0C4 on ILOG31 when home address space is DLISAS
  • Impact: Med, IMS ABEND recovery causing agent disablement and SVC dump.
  • Cause: A protection exception ABEND occurred processing an ILOG31 record when the home address space was the DLISAS region.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2018 Feb DTR037A ZDC JLT-211733 ZDC ECSA storage leak, restarts allocation another AgtAst
  • Impact: Low, only occurs when ZDC is started.
  • Cause: An internal workarea should have been re-used. A new one was allocated.
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.
2018 Mar DTR038A Sample JLT-213268 change steplib DSN in sample member ZDTIDIAG
  • Impact: Low, user can modify JCL as needed.
  • Cause: The DSN for the utility should point to <HLQuserid>.SZDTIMSA instead of SZDTAUTH
  • Solution: Updated JCL.
  • Impact: Med, PurePath could be misleading.
  • Cause: Multiple DPL requests being processed by a persistent mirror task.
  • Solution: Added code to handle persistent mirror tasks.
  • Impact: Low, Makes things hard to find which agent is disabled.
  • Cause: Multiple DPL requests being processed by a persistent mirror task.
  • Solution: Updated code to remove Agent like as documented.
  • Impact: Low, Makes things hard to read.
  • Cause: IMS agent was not obtaining the correct terminal name for non-OTMA APPC messages.
  • Solution: Updated code to check for non-OTMA APPC.
  • Impact: Med, Can cause a recycle of the CNTL region if not applied correctly.
  • Cause: IMS agent was not obtaining the correct terminal name for non-OTMA APPC messages.
  • Solution: Updated code and Hold Doc to be implemented.
  • Impact: Med, Can cause abend and messages.
  • Cause: Race condition resulted in 2 processes using the same Transaction Buffer.
  • Solution: Updated code to avoid this situation.
  • Impact: Low, Can be confusing to read.
  • Cause: Invalid Terminal name for Trigger Monitor started Transactions that issue a program switch.
  • Solution: Updated code to make name blanks.
  • Impact: Medium, occurs infrequently and requires zDC restart.
  • Cause: If the ZDC shared memory object(SMO) is in the high half of a 4GB area, a S0C4-#B can result when transaction buffers are formatted.
  • Solution: Code changed to use correct address.
2018 August ZDR046A CICS JLT-219851 CICS – Incorrect ZDTC006I Messages after DPL to more than 10 regions
  • Impact: Med, ZDTC006I excessive console messages
  • Cause: Storage area too small
  • Solution: Added code to handle condition.

Other known issues

Date Description
July 2018 Compuware Xpediter abends when using Dynatrace. Apply the following corrective service available from Compuware.

Corrective Service PA01920
Abend 0C4 may occur when debugging PL/I program.

Problem Description:
LA01050 - The 0C4 may occur when debugging an Enterprise PL/I program which runs under a user-defined mirror transaction. The 0C4 is at offset x164 of program BLDCALL(mod DBUGDPEX), the failing instruction is "9102 4000" and R4 contains an invalid DSA back chain address.

This PTF corrects the problem.