Update 6 incl. features

September 4th, 2017. Become more effective with this update to Dynatrace AppMon & UEM.

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Custom homescreen

Get the insight you need that much faster. All the data you need is available with a single click. This update allows every user to set any custom dashboard as the personal default login screen. In addition, all tiles that connect a dashboard to workflows, such as user analytics, or host and process lists, and much more, can now be used on custom web dashboards.

Watch all of your environments

Devops teams can now watch all environments, from dev, staging to prod on a single web dashboard. Any tile is now able to retrieve data for a specific System Profile.

Become a reporting champion

Put all the facts that matter to your business on a single web dashboard. The "Text and measures " tile for web dashboards now allows calculation with measure values. Further-on comparing business facts across multiple timeframes is now possible with comfortable comparison timeframes for web dashboard tiles. Learn more.

Support for Node.js 8.x and async/await

This release introduces support for Node.js 8.x, which will be the next LTS release of the platform.

After callbacks and promises, async/await is a new way to implement asynchronous calls in JavaScript. Dynatrace OneAgent supports this new language construct starting with Node.js version 8. Resolved Issues

Most critical issues since the last public updates

All resolved issues


  • JLT-184102 - [WebUI] [CustomHome] As a user I want to define a custom dashboard as home
  • JLT-184375 - [WebUI] [CustomHome] As a user I want to use OOTB tiles in custom dashboards
  • JLT-185720 - Allow the user to calculate in the Text and measures tile and separate CSS from the markup.
  • JLT-186246 - Allow users to configure tiles with different system profiles on a single dashboard.
  • JLT-187611 - Allow users to set a comparison-timeframe on tile-level.
  • JLT-189542 - The system profile was persisted in every tile's config, even if no tile specific system profile was configured
  • JLT-192473 - The CSS editor in the Text and measures tile had several small glitches in different browsers especially with tabs and line breaks.
  • JLT-192635 - In the Configuration for the Text and measures tile the input fields for variables jump on focus.
  • JLT-192711 - Glitches in the Text and measures tile with markup, custom html and custom css.
  • JLT-192789 - Variable expression in the tile configurator is not evaluated after a full refresh
  • JLT-197078 - Tile specific session override is only persisted after the first change.


  • JLT-184308 - Enhance logging for performance warehouse connection issue.
  • JLT-194849 - Logging throttled on writing and reading key ids of dynamic measures
  • JLT-195075 - Enable switching case sensitivity of table columns at runtime.
  • JLT-196351 - Non-bijective map warning when '~' at the end of splitting tag


  • JLT-185483 - Added debug flag to exclude one agents from GAT calculation
  • JLT-193653 - Tests Automation processing can cause server restarts when database heavy loaded.
  • JLT-194052 - .ini file may be corrupted by encoding read/write mismatch
  • JLT-194788 - System profile data importer fails for Oracle source pwh with ORA-00904 (Invalid Identifier)
  • JLT-195388 - realtimemapping.xml file cannot be restored if BT splitting contains non-ASCII character
  • JLT-195867 - Log spam: "[SerializationCache] Maximum cache size exceeded for..."
  • JLT-195920 - Incident does not auto-close when no more measure violates a threshold


  • JLT-188200 - Rich client: Dashboard charts show "no measurements" when opening a second time
  • JLT-188378 - Fix occasional NPE in measure picker
  • JLT-195397 - Null check added to avoid NullPointerException on removing result measures used in a BT.
  • JLT-195663 - Fixed potential memory leak in the dashlets' context toolbars.
  • JLT-196249 - "Import stored session" permission has wrong type
  • JLT-196699 - Empty host addresses no longer cause the Host Details to report an error.

DB Agent

  • JLT-192154 - DB2 — agent's own queries not filtered out


  • JLT-193444 - Prevent user actions with much too high durations. Fix time calculation for user actions with invalid timestamps, i.e. use NaN instead of -1 in AgentToServerTimeConverter.
  • JLT-194003 - Provided the debug setting com.dynatrace.uem.correlation.maxActionDepth to allow modification of the number of levels deep that AppMon will drill into when performing nested actions
  • JLT-196142 - Visit Tagging not working reliably via orphan web request
  • JLT-196184 - dynalive: NPE at server.datacenter.enduser.EUECorrelationEngine.addEndUserAction - NPE introduced as a result of JLT-193548

Server Platform

  • JLT-194496 - Agents are load-balanced between collectors with incompatible versions in the same collector group, which leads to rejected agents
  • JLT-196695 - NullPointerException when no password could be read during session initialization

Correlation and Analysis

  • JLT-195542 - Analyzer logging information is now written into a separate file.
  • JLT-196091 - Ensure that the transaction ID is set on message sub-path.
  • JLT-196287 - fix memory leak in overload scenario
  • JLT-196307 - Improve Logging for OnDemand Analyzer runs.
  • JLT-196321 - Only show Lost+Found Transactions (corrupted with reason "The PurePath was created from a sub-path which could not be linked to any parent path") when client is in debug-mode.
  • JLT-196616 - fix possible NPE happening in server overload with paths from OneAgents

JavaScript Agent

  • JLT-195915 - ICEFaces module causes exceptions when used with icefaces prior version 2.
  • JLT-197026 - Speed Index is higher than visually complete


  • JLT-196194 - Unix monitor reports wrong values for measure Used Memory on monitored Linux hosts with new version of free command (separate download)

Webserver Agent

  • JLT-196814 - Add beta version of the Linux PPC LE IHS (Apache) Agent


  • JLT-197092 - Fix a Client-Server communication problem between 7.0.6 clients and several 7.0.5rc servers that prevented opening the PurePath dashlet


  • ONE-8603 - Android Auto-Instrumentation: Updated Asmdex library
  • ONE-9233 - iOS Agent: Improved javascript bridge
  • ONE-9359 - Android Auto-Instrumentation: Improved instrumentation script for Unix based systems


  • ONE-9475 - [JsAgent] Investigate why visually complete sometimes has unrealistic high values