AppMon 2017 May Release Notes

May 31st, 2017. Supercharge all teams with this release of Dynatrace AppMon & UEM.

Here's what our customers say: “The new customization abilities of the web dashboards alone make this release an absolute must have within your IT organization.” Derek Abing, IT-Operations manager at Sentry Insurance.

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Speed up your frontend teams

This release delivers insight into every browser and app and provides the best metrics that reflect your customer’s perspective.

  • User action waterfall: Understand what exactly affects your user experience and leverage the W3C metrics for precise insight into resource loading. Learn more.
  • Smarter than ever before: Visually complete is your feedback to what the user is really experiencing, no matter which device or browsers. It is now an integral part of the user action timeline as well as the waterfall.
  • From user interaction down to the server call: Everything is connected, and frontend teams can collaborate with backend teams in context.

Source code level insight for everyone

Source code level analysis is ten times faster than ever before. Speed-up MTTR by guiding your analysis from baseline violation down to the root cause.

  • PurePath for all teams. Leverage top findings, threading issues, slow statements, and common issues much faster than ever before.
  • Everything is built putting collaboration first. Your teams can always share what they are looking at, including sessions.

Better apps with every deployment

PurePath analytics

This release transforms your continuous delivery pipeline. Fully automated analysis of millions of PurePaths across multiple application deployments transforms your teams from problem hunters to quality fanatics.

  • Instant feedback: Deploy your application, see how the PurePath top findings evolve, discover the problem hotspots, and work together with engineering to improve and better deploy your application.
  • Slice and dice millions of PurePaths in real time: Eliminate quality degradations early and talk to developers in context.

Onboard DevOps teams

Devops teams have end-to-end insight into all applications and infrastructure to pinpoint issues and improve user experience quicker than before.

  • Everything is connected: Are your end-users affected by an issue? Is it caused by an overloaded host, or do you need to talk to developers? Find quick answers and determine who can deliver the best support.
  • Database insight for Oracle, DB2,SQL Server and MySQL.
  • NodeJS process dashboard with memory and CPU insights.
  • Alert, network & disk history: Everything you need to see what led up to an infrastructure-related problem is available in a single place.

Amazing web dashboards

With entirely new layout possibilities, much more power and flexibility, web dashboards are a key factor for a more effective day.

  • The text and measures tile gives you all the power you need. Create tables with measure values, or compare key business metrics over multiple timeframes.
  • Twice the power: Up to 40 tiles and 40 measures or splittings, plus application filters. What you need is what you get.
  • Ten times faster: Select multiple tiles, clone them, scale them. Faster and more beautiful than ever.

Database insight for every team

80 percent of typical database problems can be solved by your application teams before the DBAs turn on them. With the broad support for database engines, the database agent provides substantial insight across the application's databases.

  • IBM DB2 LUW support and much more
  • More accessible: All the information your full stack developers need is available in the web for easy access and collaboration.

The best metrics to optimize user experience

Traditional web performance optimization is mainly focused load times and resource sizes. While these numbers are important, they do not reflect the actual user experience. This is why we introduced the new metrics visually complete and speed index. Learn how they work.

  • Visually complete: The time at which all content in the browser's visible area is fully rendered.
  • Speed index: The average time at which visible parts of the page display. A lower speed index means that most parts of the page rendered very quickly.
  • Streamlined support for W3C timings (navigation, resource, user) across all Dynatrace products.
  • Choose the key performance metric that reflects your application's performance, whether it's DOM interactive, visually complete, or user action duration.

User experience management redefined

  • Gain valuable insight into your application's performance with the new waterfall chart.
  • Better single page application support than ever delivers spot-on timing and uses route-names for action naming.
  • Beacon signal compression minimizes the performance impact on your application.
  • Start monitoring your mobile apps with Cocoa pods for iOS and Gradle plugin for Android Studio or use our new Dynatrace Cordova Plugin to monitor your hybrid apps.

Need more? Don't worry, we scale with your business

AppMon scalability

Ready to scale up with Dynatrace AppMon? We're happy to announce that our recent architectural advances are now bearing fruit:

  • This release introduces support for +30% more agents (2,000 agents). With that you can scale your business and application environment to get the insight you need.
  • With this release, we've leveled up the maximum number of transactions per second on a single server that AppMon can support. We've pushed the limit to +30% transactions/sec.
  • The Performance Warehouse is now able to digest +100% more measures.

Stay tuned for even more architectural and scalability enhancements in the next release! See the new Deployment Guide for detailed hardware recommendations specific to your load.

Webserver module insights and BETA for .NET Core, powered by OneAgent

This release introduces two agents fuelled by the new OneAgent-based platform: Apache and NGINX.

Switching is easy, but not mandatory, and provides:

  • Insights into webserver modules to spot performance and functional issues.
  • Streamlined deployment. Master agents are not required anymore.
  • Cloud and firewall friendly setup with http(s)-based transmission of captured data.

Furthermore, BETA support is introduced for:

Enterprise ready end-to-end encryption, SSO and Licensing

  • Starting with this release, encryption between Agent and Collector is available!
  • AppMon also provides now a SAML V2 based SSObeta (single sign on) authentication for the AppMon Client and the WebUI.
  • Easily move agent units, agent hours or UEM visits between AppMon 2017 May servers, editions and technologies with self-service licensing.

AngularJS, IBM DB2, React and much more

  • Application server: WebSphere AS 8.5.5/9 on AIX, WebMethods 9.7-9.10
  • Web service stacks: RestEasy 3.0.7-3.0.19, Restlet 2.3.2-2.3.7
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ 3.5/3.6 .NET client
  • UEM: AngularJS, Angular 2 and React
  • Windows Server 2016, IBM DB2 LUW, z/OS IMS Enterprise Suite 3.2 and Mule 3.6/3.7

Why your feedback matters

Based on forum suggestions and discussions, and feedback gathered at user group events and customer meetups, you steadily contribute to our common success. This release contains 100+ improvements, like:

Fast and mobile friendly documentation!

New documentation site

  • Documentation has not only improved a lot in layout and navigation but also in speed. Have a look at our super fast documentation.
  • New responsive design makes it possible to access the documentation on the way.
  • Check out AppMon & UEM Support where you'll find answers to your AppMon questions.

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