Realtime streaming

AppMon captures high quality data that can be used for many other purposes aside of APM. AppMon offers different ways to integrate with external systems. This page describes the realtime streaming capabilities available with AppMon:

What is the PureLytics Stream?

The PureLytics stream sends real time UEM data from the AppMon Server to an external data source such as Elasticsearch so you can you leverage UEM data as part of big data analysis. Data that can be streamed includes user visits, user actions and client errors.

Use Elasticsearch to do ad-hoc analysis on large amounts of visit or user action data, and combine the data with analytics mined from other sources. You can then consume the combined data stored in the external data source using a visualization tool like Kibana for detailed charting and other data visualization, providing detailed UEM analysis.

When enabled, the PureLytics stream automatically sends JSON data for all visits and user actions to the configured HTTP endpoint. An export can also be triggered on-demand for a specific time frame or session.

What is the Real Time Business Transactions Feed?

The business transaction feed exports business transactions (BTs) in real time. You can enable it on a per-BT basis. BTs can calculate visits, user actions and PurePaths. If multiple BTs get calculated for the same PurePath, the same PurePath is exported multiple times.

A protobuf definition makes it easy to create your own consumer for the BT stream.

Which one to choose?

If you are looking to do business analytics based on UEM data, the PureLytics stream is the perfect solution for you.

If you would like to export PurePath data you should use the BT feed.

Are there other ways to export AppMon data?

There are other ways to integrate AppMon with other tools like reporting Dashboards using REST.