Plugin architecture

Plugins extend AppMon with features and functions beyond the functionality in the installed product. You can develop user plugins, build resource packs, and manage system plugins.

All Plugins are displayed and managed in the Plugins pane of the Server Settings dialog box. To display the dialog box, select Tools > Manage Plugins in the AppMon Client.

Plugin types

Plugin Type Sub Type Description & Properties
System Plugin System System Plugins are provided by AppMon to extend the AppMon system functionality. System Plugins cannot be deactivated, deleted, or edited by the user. System Plugins are installed on the AppMon Server and are automatically deployed to all connected AppMon Clients or AppMon Collectors as necessary. Installation of a System Plugin requires a restart of the extended Server, Collector, or Client.
User Plugin Action Actions are added to Incident Rules and are executed whenever the conditions defined in the Incident Rule are met.
Library Any valid OSGi bundle can be added as a library. The only exception is a bundle that is used internally by the AppMon installation. Internally used bundles cannot be altered by the user because the alteration could harm the integrity of the AppMon installation. However, internally used bundles can be used to fulfill bundle requirements of user-defined Plugins, such as Tasks, Actions, or Monitors.
Metric Group Metric Groups are divided into Agent Metric Groups and Monitor Metric Groups.
  • An Agent Metric Group is used to specify metrics based on Java JMX MBeans, IBM WebSphere PMI counters, and Microsoft Windows performance counters. Measures based on metrics from Agent Metric Groups provide measurements from one or multiple Agents and do not require a Monitor.
  • A Monitor Metric Group defines metrics for a specific Monitor. Measures based on metrics from Monitor Metric Groups provide measurements from one specific instance of a Monitor.
Monitor Monitors are scheduled for repetitive execution on an AppMon Collector. Each Monitor has a set of configuration parameters and provides an execution status. A Monitor also has a set of measure subscriptions that describe the measurements the Monitor has to perform and provide measurement data after execution.
Task A Task is scheduled for repetitive execution on an AppMon Server or AppMon Collector. Each Task has a set of configuration parameters and provides an execution status.
Core Plugin Webstart Client
FastPack A FastPack is a bundle of common resources that is installed by the standard installation but is not displayed in the list of installed Plugins.

Plugin development environment

Some User Plugins are provided by AppMon. User Plugins may also be developed by end users, using the Plugin Development Environment (PDE) within the AppMon Client. They are typically executed on the Server, the Collector, or the Agent. Installation of a User Plugin does not require a restart of the Server or Collector.

User Plugins must follow strict rules and interfaces defined by AppMon. See Manage and Develop User Plugins for details.