Synthetic test integration for Application Monitoring

This page describes how to integrate synthetic tests into AppMon Web. This integration lets you use AppMon Web to analyze the performance details of synthetic tests that are configured and scheduled in the Dynatrace Portal for your instrumented web applications.


Only Backbone tests are supported by the Synthetic tests web tile. Last Mile is not supported.

AppMon integration with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring lets you use AppMon Web to analyze the performance details of synthetic tests that are configured and scheduled in the Dynatrace Portal for your instrumented web applications. In addition, you can select a synthetic test as it appears in AppMon Web, and then open an interactive chart in either portal to view details about availability, response times, and failure rates for accurate root cause analysis.

Configuring synthetic test integration for Application Monitoring

You must configure the credentials used to authenticate to the Dynatrace Portal before you can see a Synthetic Monitoring test list in the AppMon Web Synthetic Monitoring tile.

See Synthetic Monitoring Configuration for details.

Viewing data in AppMon Web

Once the Synthetic Monitoring integration is configured and you have verified a connection to the Dynatrace Portal, you can view the availability, response times, and failure rates of synthetic tests in AppMon Web. To do this:

  1. Create a custom dashboard and add the Synthetic tests tile.
  2. Select synthetic tests for which you want to view availability, response times, and failure rate data.
  3. Analyze the performance details of the synthetic tests in AppMon Web.

Creating a custom dashboard and adding a Synthetic tile

  1. In AppMon Web, click Dashboards > Add a Dashboard. A new dashboard appears with a default tile.
  2. Click Edit Tile. The Preview and Tile Configurator panes display.
  3. Select the Synthetic Tests tile in the Tile Configurator pane. When connected to the appropriate Synthetic Monitoring server, the Add test button appears. See the Synthetic Tests tile section in Tile Types for more information on the Synthetic Tests tile type.

Selecting synthetic tests

  1. Click the Add test button. A list of synthetic tests available for the credentials used to log on to the Synthetic Monitoring server appears in the Tile Configurator pane.
  2. Select the tests you want to add to the tile. These are the synthetic tests for which you want to analyze performance details.
  3. Click Done to add the selected tests to the tile. The selected tests also appear in the Tile Configurator pane, allowing you to remove selected tests as needed.
  4. Click Done. The tile appears in the dashboard.

You can edit the list of selected synthetic tests at any time. Select the tile and click the Edit button in the  AppMon Web toolbar to add and delete tests. Click the Done button in the toolbar after editing the list.

Analyzing Performance Details of Synthetic Tests in AppMon Web

Once you have a Synthetic Tests tile defined with selected tests in AppMon Web, you can view and analyze the performance data of those tests, drill down to view performance details, and perform diagnosis using the Dynatrace Portal.

Click on the tile to display details about the selected tests in the tile. Each selected test shows:

  • The name of the test
  • Availability
  • Response time
  • Failures
  • Indicators for network, HTTP, timeout, script, contributor group, and other errors. A red indicator signifies errors. You can hover over any red indicator to see the number of errors for the error category. Click a red indicator to see a detail list of all the errors in the test for the associated error category. Each error listed shows information on the type of error, the URL where the error occurred, and the time the error occurred.
  • The number of steps in the test. You can click the number in the steps column to view a breakdown of errors by category for each step.

Click on any red indicator light to view details for the error.

Clicking on any test in the list shows detailed Application Monitoring performance data for the selected test, such as average response time or percent availability. You can chart your data in any meaningful charting format. Hover over data points to see detailed information for the selected data point and drill down from the data point to perform root cause analysis and other Synthetic Monitoring diagnoses.

Click a test in the Synthetic Test list to drill down to the Interactive Chart in the Dynatrace Portal, as shown in the following figures. By default, the chart shows response time and availability. You can reconfigure the chart to show data for other metrics, or drill down for more detailed information.

For details of charting the data in the Dynatrace Portal, see Interactive Charts in the Dynatrace Synthetic documentation.


If you see the message Invalid data in the tile or in the Tile Configurator pane, the instance of the AppMon Webstart Client used to configure Synthetic Monitoring integration is not the correct instance. Make sure you use the AppMon Webstart Client created by clicking the Use webstart client button in the Tile Configurator pane when enabling the integration.

See Tile Types for more information.