Synthetic Monitoring integration

AppMon integrates with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring to provide a single data access point to view and analyze application monitoring data for your synthetic test assets. Leverage your synthetic test base with APM details and the capability to drill down for performance application-related UEM data. The unified data repository lets your teams collaborate more efficiently than ever and gives analysts the ability to perform deep drilldown and accelerate problem resolution in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

AppMon provides the following types of Synthetic Monitoring integration.

Synthetic test integration for Application Monitoring

AppMon Web lets your teams get custom data views to support role-based information needs while streamlining collaboration. Business owners can get a high-level view of the state of the union, while analysts can see exactly how customers are using the application and drill down to contextual detail for quick problem solving. In the Dynatrace Portal, you can find specific site visits within tests, see all the channels accessed, and choose specific tests to analyze availability and response data.

UEM-PurePath integration for Synthetic Monitoring

You can drill down directly from the Dynatrace Portal into the AppMon Webstart Client, and leverage PurePath and UEM data for your synthetic tests to facilitate issue resolution.