DC RUM integration

Data Center - Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) provides real-time access to information about performance and usage of key business applications. Based on measurement data provided by network monitoring devices, it monitors application performance, with the purpose of detecting, identifying and solving problems. Analysis gives insight into business application performance on transaction and operation level.

In combination with the in-depth analysis capabilities of AppMon PurePath technology, you can quickly find the root cause of problems in its code-level context.

To combine DC RUM data with AppMon, configure a connection to your DC RUM appliances in the Integration section of the System Profile Preferences dialog box. Enabling integration correlates data collected by DC RUM to AppMon PurePaths.

Supported releases

Integrating DC RUM with AppMon requires the following:

  • DC RUM version 12.4.10 or later.
  • Flash installed on the client's browser. Drilldowns from the DC RUM Central Analysis Server (CAS) require Flash.

For detailed instructions on configuring the AppMon - DC RUM integration, see System Profile - Integration.