IntelliJ IDEA plugin

To simplify problem resolution, AppMon integrates with IntelliJ IDEA through the AppMon IntelliJ IDEA Integration Plugin. The AppMon IntelliJ IDEA Integration Plugin enable you to:

  • Launch applications with an injected AppMon Agent directly from IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Retrieve & display the key architectural metrics (such as number of SQL queries, external API calls, exceptions and log messages) from your tests.
  • Perform look-ups of sources files and methods from applications under diagnosis in AppMon.

Manual download, installation and configuration instructions are available on the IntelliJ IDEA Integration Plugin.


With the AppMon Launcher, Auto instrument your Java applications from IntelliJ IDEA:

Test result

When launching JUnit tests, the plug-in registers a test run to the AppMon Server. The results and key architectural metrics are automatically retrieved and displayed in the Test Result tab.

The test results are also visible in the AppMon Client for further drill-down to the PurePath level.

See Test Automation Explained for more information about the Test Automation feature.

Source code look-up

When AppMon identifies a source code fragment as the root cause of a particular problem, you can go directly from the AppMon Client to the exact location within your IntelliJ IDEA development environment where you need to make changes.