Pushing AppMon monitoring data to Dynatrace dashboards

AppMon 2018 April
AppMon 2018 October

This feature is only available in AppMon 2018 April and later.

AppMon provides built-in integration that lets you push selected AppMon real time monitoring data directly to your Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed dashboards. Leveraging data streaming capabilities in AppMon and the Dynatrace API, you can use the integration to consolidate all your AppMon and Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed monitoring data into a single dashboard in Dynatrace through a specified Dynatrace environment.

With this integration, AppMon customers can gain complete visibility into their important AppMon metrics within Dynatrace dashboards. Important metrics include:

  • Measures
  • Business transactions
  • Host & process metrics
  • Server health metrics

Metric types to integrate between AppMon and Dynatrace

You select which AppMon metrics to chart and visualize in Dynatrace within the standard set of Dynatrace dashboard tiles.

The integration ensures that your can preserve your AppMon investment remains safe, and the fine-grained, step-by-step control over what monitoring data you push to Dynatrace means you can migrate from AppMon to Dynatrace at your own pace.

What you need

  • AppMon server version 7.1.x or later and AppMon Agent version 7.1.x or later.
  • A Dynatrace environment with Dynatrace version 1.142 or later.
  • A Dynatrace Module token for AppMon. Go to https://{your-environment}/#settings/integration/dynakeys to obtain it.
  • AppMon permission to enable the data push.

Integration steps

The steps to push AppMon monitoring data to Dynatrace dashboards are:

Configure the integration in AppMon

Use the Integrations pane in the AppMon server configuration to manage the Dynatrace environments to which you want to push monitoring data. See Integrations configuration to learn how.

Select metrics to push to Dynatrace

Following successful configuration, you can select the metrics you want to push. The integration provides the following different options for selecting metrics you want to display on your Dynatrace dashboards.

Using Data export

Because important metrics and KPIs are commonly integrated into dashboards, AppMon allows you to select metrics directly from your AppMon dashboards.

In the AppMon Client, click the ellipsis button on your dashboard and select Export to Dynatrace Environment. The Data Export dialog box appears.

AppMon-Dynatrace integration - select metrics to export to Dynatrace

Select the environment(s) to which you want to export monitoring metrics in the Environment list. Only environments configured in AppMon appear in this list. Select measures from the list to include in the data export and click Next to review the metrics to be exported to the selected environment.

AppMon-Dynatrace integration - review selected metrics to export to Dynatrace

Click Finish after reviewing the selected metrics or click back to reselect metrics for export.

Using the System Profile measure picker

AppMon also allows you to use the measure picker in the System Profile Preferences when creating and configuring measures to select measures whose data you want to export to Dynatrace.

In the AppMon Client, click Settings > Edit System Profile.

In the System Profile Preferences, select Measures.

In the measures right-click on a measure whose metric data you want to export to a Dynatrace environment and click Export to Dynatrace, then select the desired environment. Only environments that have been configured in AppMon for integration appear in the list.

Selecting measures to export to Dynatrace from System Profile preferences

You can use the measure picker selector list box to filter by all measures exported to Dynatrace environments, or measures exported to a specific Dynatrace environment.

Set data export when creating or editing a measure

Data export to configured Dynatrace environments is also a measure property. This means you can configure a measure to push its metric data to a specific Dynatrace environment at any time while configuring or editing a measure. See the Data Export Section in Create and configure measures to learn how.

Putting it all together

Once you have configured the integration and selected metrics in AppMon to push monitoring data to Dynatrace, you can see AppMon monitoring data in Dynatrace and combine it with your existing Dynatrace monitoring data any way you like.

The following image shows a custom dashboard in a Dynatrace environment that displays dashboard charts for two pushed AppMon instances, named AppMon production and AppMon test.

AppMon monitoring data in Dynatrace


Here's a brief overview of the currently known limitations:

  • There is no capability to push or export historical data. Only real-time data push is supported.
  • A single metric can only be pushed to a specific Dynatrace environment, not to multiple environments.
  • Limit of 150 metrics per AppMon Server
  • Configuration is through the AppMon Client only.
  • The following measures can't be exported:
    • Custom host measures.
    • Error detection percentage measures.
    • Rate measures.

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