Upgrade server, collectors, and clients

If you are migrating the Server to a new host without upgrading to a new version, you only need to perform the applicable steps.

1. Install the new Server, Collectors, and Clients

Install the new AppMon Server, Collectors and Clients into a new directory, referred to as <DT_HOME_NEW> in these instructions.

Important - Windows

At the end of the installation, you are prompted to start the Server, Collector, and Client. Do not start these components at this time.

See Silent Installation for automation.

2. Deactivate and Upgrade License

Deactivate and upgrade your AppMon license in eServices to not lose UEM volume.

3. Shut down the old version

  1. Stop the old Client, Server, Frontend Server, Collector and Memory Analysis Server services.

  2. Disable automatic startup of the old Server, Frontend Server, Collector and Memory Analysis Server:

    • Windows: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. In each service's properties, set the Startup type to Manual.
    • Unix systems: Use chkconfig or update-rc.d

4. Create backups

Using the configuration information collected during preparation:

  1. Back up your Performance Warehouse DB.
  2. Back up your Session Store.
  3. On *NIX, back up all AppMon scripts in /etc/init.d.

Files in DT_HOME are backed up during the next step.

5. Services migration (Server, Collector and Memory Analysis Server)

Download the current Migration Tool (details) on all Server and Collector machines and execute as follows:

5.1. File collection

Create a migration archive:
java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceDTHome "<DT_HOME_OLD>" -targetArchiveDir "<ARCHIVE_DIR>"

Where <DT_HOME_OLD> is the old AppMon installation path. A <MIGRATION_ARCHIVE> file named <Server_name>_<creation_dateTime>.dtma is created in <ARCHIVE_DIR>.

Keep the resulting file as permanent backup.

5.2. File migration

On the target host, as Administrator or configured user, migrate the data to <DT_HOME_NEW> using the following:
java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceArchive "<ARCHIVE_DIR>/<MIGRATION_ARCHIVE>" -targetDTHome "<DT_HOME_NEW>"

Backups of files are changed in <DT_HOME_NEW> and a migration log are created in a new directory in <DT_HOME_NEW>/migration/backup/.

5.3. Edit configuration files

dynatrace-migration lists files with configuration settings that may need to be migrated manually to the new release. Therefore, the applicable old files are copied with the suffix .toBeMigrated. These files are found in <DT_HOME_NEW>. Do not reuse the old files, because for AppMon 6.3 and later, changed boot bundles would cause your Server to not start.

  • dtserver.ini: If it contains an entry regarding SQLSERVER, follow this KB article.
  • Migrate the -Xmx and -Xms entries.
  • Migrate entries starting with -Dcom.dynatrace (debug flags)

See more at Set up the Server and Set up Collectors.

5.4. Register and Auto-start additional collector instances

6. Auto-start new services

*NIX: With chkconfig or update-rc.d, make sure that the new Server, Collectors, Memory Analysis Server, and Frontend Server are started automatically with /etc/init.d shell scripts and that the permissions are correct.

7. Start the new Server components

If you configured a DT_HOME environment variable, update it to <DT_HOME_NEW>, and then start the AppMon Server and Frontend Server. When upgrading from 6.3 and earlier, for the first startup, leave a few minutes before starting the Analysis Server after the Frontend and Backender Server startup, to prevent JLT-194884 which could cause the loss of the PWH configuration.

8. Client migration

If users are allowed to reconfigure their client settings such as proxy, skip this step. Otherwise, compare old and new files and carry over your changes:

  • After a first client start in each user home the old and new dtclient.ini
  • Defaults for new users on a machine: <DT_HOME_OLD>\dtclient.ini.template and <DT_HOME_NEW>\dtclient.ini.template

9. Start the new Client

In <DT_HOME_NEW> start dtclient or use the Webstart Client at https://<servername>:8021.

Be sure to connect to the right AppMon Server (hostname) in the Settings > Dynatrace Server > Connectivity pane.

10. Activate licenses for the new Server

If you require a proxy server to access the Internet, manually configure the Client proxy settings to access the online licensing eServices site.

To import the Server and UEM licenses, click Settings > Dynatrace Server > License > Import and follow the instructions.

11. Select server sizing

After the license import, you are presented with different sizing options. Select the Sizing that you identified during the Preparations. It is important to perform this step before starting the new Collectors, to avoid Out-of-Memory problems.

12. Apply update to new AppMon

Check the download page if there is an update available and use the Client to install the Update.

13. Start new Collectors

Start the new Collectors, then choose Settings > Dynatrace Server > Collectors and verify that all Collectors are connected to the Server. If you applied an update (to the new Server), you should immediately restart the Collectors from this dialog box for the update to be applied.

The AppMon Server and Collectors now accept Agent connections again.

14. Connect the Performance Warehouse

In Settings > Dynatrace Server > Performance Warehouse:

  1. Verify the configuration

  2. Click Test and Connect

  3. Wait for the data migration to complete.

See troubleshooting if you encounter an error.

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