Upgrading Bootstrap Agents

AppMon 6.5 and later no longer supports bootstrap agents earlier than 6.0. This page describes how to upgrade your pre-6.0 bootstrap agents to the newest version.


  1. Download a new agent installer for your platform from downloads.dynatrace.com.
  2. Consider a backup of your current agent configuration directory.
  3. Deploy and install it on your target platforms next your agents installation which is currently in use.

Bootstrap agent upgrade process

  • Host Agent

    1. Stop the old host agent.
    2. Migrate the content in /conf/dthostagent.ini (mainly the name and the server) from your old to your new installation directory.
    3. Start the new host agent.
  • Webserver Agent

    1. Stop the old web server agent.
    2. Migrate your webserver agent settings in conf/dtwsagent.ini from your old to your new installation directory.
    3. Start the new web server agent.
  • Java Agent

    1. Reconfigure the path to the agent in you local application configuration (for example, from -agentpath:/opt/dynatrace-<loldversion>/agent/lib64/libdtagent.so=name=Application_Monitoring to -agentpath:/opt/dynatrace-<latestver>/agent/lib64/libdtagent.so=Application_Monitoring).

      You can also install to and configure a version-independent agent path (for example, /opt/dynatrace-agent/) and move the old version out of that location and install the new version into the same directory.

    2. Restart your application.

  • .NET Agent

    • Restart your application after installing the new agents.
  • z/OS zLocal / zRemote agent

    • Upgrading the zLocal / zRemote agents with SMP/E automatically upgrades the bootstrap agents. Follow the instructions here.

Uninstall the outdated agents

  • Linux: Delete the installation directory of the outdated agents.
  • Windows: Uninstall outdated agents using Add / Remove programs.