Upgrade agents

Upgrading the Agents is recommended and required to receive updates. Restarting an agent here means usually to restart the instrumented application.

Old Agents are compatible and continue to function.

1. Bootstrapped Agents

Includes: Java, .NET, Host, Native ADK, PHP, CICS, and IMS

Make sure the Agents are connected, then restart to upgrade them automatically. They continue to use the <DT_HOME_OLD> directory for retrieving their configuration. You can switch them to <DT_HOME_NEW> by upgrading the Bootstrap Agents (see below).

1.1. Bootstrapped Web Server Agents

Includes: Web Server

In the correct order:

  1. Restart the Web Server Agent Service and wait until it has reconnected.
  2. Restart the Web Server Agent.

2. Non-bootstrapped Agents

Includes: Mobile Agents

Switch your Mobile App to the new Agent versions and deploy the new version to upgrade. The compatibility statement also applies to Mobile Agents. See more details for upgrading Android Agents and iOS Agents.

3. Bootstrap Agents

For AppMon 6.5 and later, Bootstrap Agents with versions 5.6 and earlier are unsupported. Verify their version and if unsupported, upgrade the Agent's bootstrap component.

These features also require minimum versions:

4. z/OS Agents

z/OS Agents can be bootstrapped or non-bootstrapped. See Upgrading z/OS Agents for more information.

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