Component compatibility

Although certain version combinations may be compatible, it is strongly advised for all users to upgrade all components as soon as possible to the same version as the server.

Compatibility and Support

Components are said to be compatible, if they can connect and offer any kind of functionality together. For a specific feature to work, the support of all involved components (Agents, Collectors, Server, Client) is required.

Example 1: Infrastructure: Process Availability

When using AppMon 6.2 Host Agents with a 6.5 Server and Client, you can configure Process Availability patterns, but these have no effect and not fire incidents as the 6.2 Agent does not support them. This feature was introduced starting with 6.5.

Agent-Collector Compatibility

Agents are upgraded depending on their type:

To determine Agent versions and whether they are bootstrapped, use the AppMon Client's Cockpits > Agent Overview Dashboard.

Collector: 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.5 7.0
5.6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6.1 No 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6.2 No 1 No 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
6.3 No 1 No 1 No 1 Yes Yes Yes
6.5 No 1 No 1 No 1 No 1 Yes Yes
7.0 No 1 No 1 No 1 No 1 No 1 Yes

1 Upgrade the Server and Collectors before non-bootstrapped Agents.

Collector-Server Compatibility

Collectors are upgraded manually like Servers.

Collector: 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.5 7.0
7.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 Yes Yes

1 6.3 collector does not work with 7.0 Server when using Node.js agent

Client-Server Compatibility

The major and minor version of the client has to match that of the Server. Lower-version Clients can auto-upgrade to the Server version if the major version matches.


  • 6.5.0 Client cannot connect to a 2017 May Server - requires a new installation
  • 6.5.0 Client can connect to a 6.5.10 Server
  • 6.3.0 Client when connecting to a 6.5.0 Server can auto-upgrade to 6.5.0.
  • After such an auto-upgrade: a 6.5 Client cannot connect to a 6.3 Server