Prepare to upgrade

Review this checklist to ensure you are ready to migrate.

Is this the right guide?

  • This guide only applies if you want to upgrade or migrate to version 7.0 and higher. Otherwise see the documentation of that respective version.
  • For AppMon 6.2 and later, a direct upgrade is possible.
  • For AppMon 6.1 and earlier, you must migrate to 6.5 first. See the 6.5 Documentation for instructions.
  • For Proof of Concept (POC) and evaluation installations, a clean new installation is highly recommended.
  • For Independent Software Vendor editions (PTC Windchill), use the documentation supplied by the vendor.

Get an overview

Create an inventory of your installed Collectors, Agents, and Clients to understand the scope of the upgrade.

Check new requirements

Verify the system requirements:

  • Make sure the Hardware requirements are fulfilled for your sizing. These are updated for each released version.
  • 32-bit Clients have been discontinued. See Set up the Client and Set up the Webstart Client for more details.
  • This migration does not support a Server-embedded Collector. Install a stand-alone service for your current version before you upgrade.
  • An embedded Performance Warehouse is not supported for migration. Switch to an external one first, as described here.
  • Check the firewall configuration for UEM, parameters and headers may change.

Double-check on critical fixes

If you recently received an update with a critical fix or change in response to a support case, check the latest update Release notes to see if the issue id (for example, JLT-160157) is included.

This release together with its latest public update contains all changes of all public updates for earlier versions.

If you are missing required changes, contact support before scheduling the upgrade to clarify and resolve.

Update the source installation

It is recommended to roll out the most recent public product update on the old installation before the upgrade.

Check Compatibility

Upgrading all Collectors and Agents along with the Server is recommended. This is also required to guarantee that all new features work.

However, if you don't plan on doing so, check the component compatibility beforehand.

As a best practice, plan your upgrade around scheduled maintenance windows. You must be able to restart Agent Groups/tiers should incompatibilities arise.

Split server instances

If in your current AppMon server installation path <DT_HOME_OLD> there exists a server/instances folder and you are using these Server instances: This feature and the dtserver's and dtfrontendserver's -instance parameter are deprecated as of AppMon 6.3. Collector instances are still supported.

Use this guide and check requirements there to migrate the Server instances to separate installations before upgrading.

Review custom-sized installations

Review your Server sizing by contacting support beforehand, if your dtserver.ini or dfrontendserver.ini file contains -memory unsupported.

Take notes

Document whether you are using continuous transaction storage. Check Settings > Dynatrace Server > Storage in the AppMon Client.

Document which additional plugins were installed by clicking Settings > Dynatrace Server > Plugins in the AppMon Client.

Document all Downtimes and incident rules of the Self-Monitoring System Profile.

Document the passwords to the following services: Email, LDAP, Proxy, DC-RUM, Gomez.

Performance Warehouse database

  • Be prepared to create backups as part of this guide.
  • Check in the System Requirements whether your SQL DB server is supported. If not, create a backup and switch to a supported DB before the upgrade.
  • Verify that the configured Performance Warehouse user has the permissions to create and drop tables for the DBMS.

Session Store

  • If the current storage location is within the installation directory (which is default) and you want to keep the stored sessions, move the session storage into a separate directory accessible from the both old and new installations before the migration. It eases this and future migrations.
  • Document the current configuration. In the AppMon Client, click Settings > Dynatrace Server > Storage.
  • Be prepared to create backups as part of this guide.


If you use z/OS Agents, AppMon 6.3 and later no longer requires an additional license. Instead, contact license management to get the needed number of CICS and IMS agents and/or Java Agents added to your Server license.

Download files

Download the software required for the migration:

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