Migration tool syntax

 Migration Tool       Copyright (C) 2004-2018 Dynatrace LLC
 Version built 2017-09-13T12:53:32.107+0200
  Startup 2018-01-08 09:44:53+0100

 -migration <source> <target> [{flags}]
   Migrate, upgrade or backup an installation. 

    Select one <source>:
     -sourceDTHome <directory> [-noClassCache]   
        Installation directory to migrate from.
         Don't include the class cache (can require gigabytes).
     -sourceArchive <archivepath> 
        Migration archive (.dtma) to migrate from.

    Select one <target>:
     [-targetArchiveDir <directory>]
        Target directory for the migration archive.
     [-targetArchive <filename>.dtma]
        Target path and filename for the migration archive.
     [-targetDTHome <directory> [{<targetoptions>}]]
        Installation directory to migrate server and collector instances to.

        Possible <targetoptions>:
          -migrateInstances <instanceoption> 
           Possible <instanceoptions>: 
             default: only the default Server and Collector instance
             defaultServer: only the default Server instance
             defaultCollector: only the default Collector instance
             instances: only Server and Collector instances
             ServerInstances: only Server instances
             CollectorInstances: only Collector instances
          -migrateCollectorInstance <name>
              Migrate only the named instance.
          -makeServerInstanceDefault <instancename>
              Convert server instance to default instance
          -makeCollectorInstanceDefault <instancename>
              EXPERIMENTAL Convert collector instance to default instance
          -upgradeAgents [yes/no] Agents keep current version (target >= 6.3)
          -noAgentResModification Don't modify active agentres file

     [-backupDir <directory>]
            Optional: Custom backup directory for replaced target files and protocol
            Default is <targetDTHome>/migration/backup 

     -silent                 execute command without prompt.
     -skipDTHomeCheck        allow source or target directories that aren't Dynatrace installations
     -skipRunningCheck       ignore running components
     -config <customConfig>  Use <customConfig> instead of default.
                             Mutually exclusive with [-migrateInstances <instanceoption>]]! 
     -ignoreSpace            ignores required free space calculations
     -dropInvalidFilenames   drops files with invalid filesnames
     -ignoreNoReadAccess     ignore missing read access on sourceDTHome

 -undomigration [{<option>}]
   Where <option> includes:
     -targetDTHome <directory> 
                             Dynatrace home directory for which you want to 
                             revert the last migration step
     -silent                 execute command without prompt.