Server configuration file changes for server Instance removal

As part of Migrating Server Instances to Separate Installations, when moving the <DT_HOME>/server/instances/INSTANCE_NAME/conf/server.config.xml file to <DT_HOME_NEW>/server/conf/server.config.xml, the current migration tool makes the following changes. The changes here are only for reference and manual execution if necessary.

In server.config.xml: On the following XML-elements:

  • /dynatrace/serverconfig/collectorconfig/loggingconfig the path attribute changes from ../../../log/collector/<INST_NAME> to ../log/collector/dynaTrace Collector.
  • /dynatrace/serverconfig/loggingconfig the path attribute changes from ../../../log/server/<INST_NAME> to ../log/server
  • /dynatrace/serverconfig/settings/server the attribute instancename is removed.
  • /dynatrace/serverconfig/settings/oopanalyzer the logpath attribute changes from ../../../log/analysisserver to ../log/analysisserver.
  • If the embedded repository is used: dynatrace/repositoryconfig/repository/connection the embededdatapath attribute changes from "instances/<INST_NAME>/repository" to "repository".