Running multiple server instances on one system


While running multiple server versions on one machine is possible, it is not recommended. Each server should run on a separate machine to provide optimum server performance and prevent port and other issues.

When different versions of AppMon are installed to the same machine, they have fully separate installation directories, for example C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 6.5 and C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 7.0. Each installation instance must have different port assignments. However, because AppMon assigns ports during installation, the same default ports are potentially assigned for each of two separate installations on the same machine. One installation must use non-default port settings. AppMon writes the port settings during initial Server or Frontend Server startup. One of the installation instances must have different ports assigned.

To best resolve this potential issue, you must change the one of the installation instances to use different ports.

To do this, do the following to the second instance installed.

  1. During installation, clear the Start Server option in the installer.

  2. Do one of the following, depending on the version of AppMon being installed:

Then as a user with the necessary permissions, continue depending on the version in that installation directory, with an example offset of 100:

In the proper AppMon installation directory run the following:
dtserver -portoffset 100
dtfrontendserver -portoffset 100