Running multiple server instances on one system


While running multiple server versions on one machine is possible, it is not recommended. Each server should run on a separate machine to provide the necessary server performance.

When installing AppMon more than once to the same machine, each install must have fully separate installation directories. For example C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 6.5, C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 7.0 and C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 7.0-prod are fully separate directories. However, by default AppMon assigns the same TCP/UDP ports for each installation. With multiple installations, you must assign nnon-default ports to each installation after the first one for the Server to start. These settings are written during initial Server startup. Before starting the AppMon Server, perform as Administrator or root:


Different AppMon versions

  1. During installation, clear the Start Server option in the installer.
  2. As Administrator, run regedit.exe then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dynatrace Server <VERSION>. In the ImagePath key, add your port offset to the end of portoffset, for example -portoffset 100. This is added to the key, for example: "C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\Dynatrace 7.1\dtserver.exe" -service -portoffset 100

Same AppMon version

You can only run the installer once. Therefore, copy a fresh installation directory to a new location and install the services manually using the following commands:

dtserver -instance port -service install -portoffset 100

dtfrontendserver -instance port -service install -portoffset 100

Unix-based systems

In the applicable AppMon installation directory run the following:

dtserver -portoffset 100

dtfrontendserver -portoffset 100

Also update the applicable init.d scripts to contain the same offset.