Final migration checks

1. Manual configuration migration

1.1. Reapply modifications to built-in items: sensor packs

Modifications to out-of-the-box sensor packs in the Server Settings > Sensor Packs > Edit dialog box (only possible in debug mode) are not migrated. Do not export and reimport these old sensor packs, but rather reapply the edits in the UI.

Check user plugins

In the AppMon Client: Settings > Dynatrace Server, if plugins installed by the user were not migrated, re-install them.

1.2. Reimport LDAP certificates

If an additional certificate for LDAP such as CA or a self-signed certificate is imported to the AppMon keystore:

  • server/conf/jssecacerts

Don't copy the old keystores, to avoid security issues through potentially compromised public certificates.

Re-import the previous certificate by logging on with an AppMon local user and click in the AppMon Client: Settings > Dynatrace Server > Users > LDAP > Test Connection.

2. Confirm operation of the new AppMon Server

To ensure your new Server operates correctly, verify the following:

  • All Agents from the Agent Overview dashlet:
    • Are connected.
    • Have data coming in: scroll over horizontally to verify that Event Count or Class Load Count (or both) change.
    • Have the correct Agent version (7.0) and Update version if one was installed.
  • PurePaths come in.
  • Dashboards are properly displayed.
  • Historical data is present if you migrated the Session Storage. Otherwise check Settings > Dynatrace Server > Storage and verify that the directory points to your session storage data.
  • Test the WebUI (default port 9911), Server website (default port 8020) and REST services and check certificates if those were customized.
  • Verify that these services and connectors work: Email, LDAP, Proxy, DC-RUM, Gomez.
  • Run the UEM Health Check
  • Review the Start Center > Administration for errors or warnings.

Migration successful.