Final migration checks

1. Manual configuration migration

1.1. Re-apply out-of-the-box sensor packs changes

2017 May Modifications to out-of-the-box sensor packs in the Server Settings > Sensor Packs > Edit dialog box (only possible in debug mode) are not migrated. Do not export and reimport these old sensor packs, but rather re-apply the edits in the UI.

2018 April Configure these in Server Settings > Sensor Packs > Edit > Custom Extension.

If migrating from 2018 April to the same version or higher, these modifications are migrated automatically.

1.2. Check user plugins

In the AppMon Client: Settings > Dynatrace Server, if plugins installed by the user were not migrated, re-install them.

1.3. Reimport LDAP certificates

If an additional certificate for LDAP such as CA or a self-signed certificate is imported to the AppMon keystore:

  • server/conf/jssecacerts

Don't copy the old keystores, to avoid security issues through potentially compromised public certificates.

Re-import the previous certificate by logging on with an AppMon local user and click in the AppMon Client: Settings > Dynatrace Server > Users > LDAP > Test Connection.

1.4 Update server hostname

If the OS-hostname changed, manually update it.

2. Confirm operation of the new AppMon Server

To ensure correct operation, verify that:

  • All Agents in the Agent Overview:
    • Are connected.
    • Have data coming in: scroll over horizontally to verify that Event Count or Class Load Count (or both) change.
    • Have the correct new Agent version and Update version if one was installed.
  • PurePaths come in.
  • Dashboards are properly displayed.
  • Historical data is present if you migrated the Session Storage. Otherwise check Settings > Dynatrace Server > Storage and verify that the directory points to your session storage data.
  • Test the WebUI (default port 9911), Server website (default port 8020) and REST services and check certificates if those were customized.
  • Verify that these services and connectors work: Email, LDAP, Proxy, DC-RUM, Gomez.
  • Run the UEM Health Check
  • Review the Start Center > Administration for errors or warnings.

Migration successful.