Upgrade and migration guide

Follow the instructions in this guide to:

  • Upgrade your AppMon installation
  • Migrate your AppMon installation to another host machine

See these linked subpages for details of the overall workflow:

  1. Prepare for your migration
    Execute important steps before actually starting the migration. Reviews the current and target installation releases for Servers, Collectors, and Agents. Check the essential System requirements to make sure you are using supported hardware and platforms.

  2. Install the new components and transfer data to them
    Create backups, install the new components and use the latest Migration Tool to move your current configurations to the new installation. Check the version displayed when you run the tool from the command line. See Migration tool details for manual steps and edits needed to complete migration, and for more information on using the Migration tool.

  3. Upgrade your Agents
    Most Agents automatically upgrade with the new release. In some cases, you may need to manually upgrade your Agents.

  4. Final checks and verification Verify the setup and configuration after migration, ensure Agents are sending data and your PurePaths and dashboards display properly.

See also the following Performance clinic videos for an upgrade demo:

You can also download a PDF version of the Upgrade and Migration Guide here.