Agents are shown as license exhausted


All AppMon versions


In the agent or status overview dashlet, agents are shown with status "license exhausted".

Subsequently, no PurePaths are recorded by the affected agents and the agent log shows

info [native] License = license exhausted; too many agents connected;


In general this message means that there are too many agents of a specific technology type connected than included in the applied license, so please contact your related sales representative to increase the volumes.

Configuration changes to control license usage may also lead to that symptom, so please check possibly existing license assignments and especially the related maximum allowed agents limit - see license assignments.


A possibly applied agent hours volume voucher will cover agent hours consumption of all exhausted agents, independent of the technology type. Since license costs for technology types are different, the volume will be reduced by the documented weighting table. To prevent agent hours volume consumption for specific agents, the maximum allowed limit on the license assignments dialog can be used.