Unique agent names with index

Use the default Unique agent names with index feature in the following scenarios:

  • You cannot specify a unique Agent name for each Agent (for example, for clustered environments).
  • You want to have the same Agent name for a set of logically equal Agents.

Enabling the unique Agent names with index feature

To activate and deactivate this feature, add a Boolean system property in the startup-file dtserver.ini of the AppMon Server. The default value for this property is true.


The figure shows the easyTravel Demo Application with five Customer Frontend instances. All instances have the same Agent name (CustomerFrontend_easyTravel) configured.

The first Agent Overview screenshot shows the default behavior with unique Agent names, Agents 1 through 4. The first agent that AppMon encounters (with the logical index [0]) is not renamed.

Default behavior with Index Pool enabled

This feature is turned off in the second figure. The equally named agents are grouped.

Behavior without unique indexes

Agent disconnect/reconnect handling

AppMon does not assign disconnected and re-connected Agents the same index necessarily. If the Agent CustomerFrontend_easyTravel[1] is disconnected, that index is available. It uses this index for the next Agent with the name CustomerFrontend_easyTravel, and re-uses CustomerFrontend_easyTravel[1].