OneAgent rollout

For easy migration from existing installations, every 6.x, v7.x Bootstrap Agent is capable to rollout the OneAgent as well as switch back to the Classic Agent without the need to re-configure the Agent injection. The switch of the Agent platforms can be simply triggered in the AppMon Client.

How to migrate from Classic Agent to OneAgent for AppMon

Before you migrate your production environment, make sure that:

You need to switch your AppMon Client to the Debug Mode.


OneAgent is a BETA feature for some Agents. You should not use it in your production environment. The aim of BETA is to test it in pre-production environment, and see how the new Agent affects your custom dashboards/configurations you use to monitor your production environment.

  1. In the AppMon Client right-click your System Profile and select Edit System Profile > General.
  2. Click Agent Platform.
  3. In the Agent Platform dialog box, select the required technology from the list at the top.
  4. Select the required Agent Groups, and click Move to the right.
  5. Apply your changes.
  6. Restart your application and the affected Agents.

If needed, use the same procedure to switch back to the Classic Agent.


Newly connected Agents of this group also use the OneAgent platform.